‘Read Pakistan’, proudly hosted National Readers Conference 22 at Pakistan National Council of Arts .

Report by: Javeria Asad 

Read Pakistan’ organized its annual event “National Readers Conference” on 17th December 2022 at the Pakistan National Council of Arts to celebrate books and diverse forms of literature.  Read Pakistan was founded by Farrukh Daal and Syeda Fatima Gilani with the mission to propagate reading habits and to establish one million libraries across Pakistan.
The event itinerary was adorned with informative, knowledgeable and entertaining activities complementing the enriched theme ‘Rekindle Your Life Through Reading’ including keynote speeches, a social play, book launches, a Book exchange program and a panel discussion to highlight the significance of books and reading in our lives. A good number of well-known and erudite national and international speakers were invited as honourable guests including Ex-MPA Ali Muhammad Khan as Chief Guest accompanied by famous Poet Anwar Masood, well-known TV Host Tauseeq Haider, Dr. Ashfaq Wark and Dr. Khalid Al Dossary from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The event was comprehensively hosted by students of Quaide Azam University, Nimra Shoukat and  Asfand Ali Asad. A Sufi band from Quaide Azam University presented a mesmerizing performance. Well-known poetess Sadaf Raza and Board of Trustees Member Javeria Asad conducted the panel discussions in a promising way and discussed the importance of reading.
The guest speakers of the panel discussions were Vice Chancellor University of Wah Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi, Acting Vice Chancellor Fatima Jinnah Women University Prof. Dr. Azra Yasmin, Pro Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture Faisalabad Prof. Dr. Anas Sarwar Qureshi, President Volunteer Force Pakistan Usman Raza Jolaha, Influencer Muhammad Ismail, CEO E-Commerce Pro Hamid Mehmood and Member of Read Pakistan Advisory Council Syeda Numera Mohsin.
Later, in the Books Launch segment, five books were introduced with the official launch of “Quran is Your Life” by Chairman RP Farrukh Dall, and “Read Readable” by CEO RP Syeda Fatima Gillani. Poetess Sadaf Raza also shared her mesmerizing thoughts through her poetry books Write Me In Read, Like A Sleepwalker, and In the Space of a Dream.
Renowned poet Anwar Masood eloquently provided a touch of humour to the event’s elegance and grace by illustrating social issues in a lighter manner through his poetry, which was warmly embraced by the audience. Read Pakistan presented its exclusive Read Pakistan honouring award to him for his distinguished participation.  Read Pakistan also launched ‘50 Books a Year’ competition with eight partners Universities including FAST National University CFD Faisalabad, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Government College Women University Faisalabad, Government College University, Faisalabad, Mohi Ud Din Islamic University A&JK, Rawalpindi Women University, University of Agriculture Faisalabad,
The University of Wah, and five schools of KPK.
During the event, the Head of 50 BAY Umme Kulsoom gave the presentation and explained the goals of the project. The winners of the competition were awarded for their extraordinary performances. The title award of the competition was presented to Mansoor Ahmad from GHSS Kotigram Dir (L).
Moreover, Read Pakistan acknowledged the efforts of its national and international members, including the cyber team, board members, and other stakeholders, who have worked hard with dedication to advance the goal and vision of Read Pakistan.
Overall, it was a remarkable event that brought all conceivable literary pursuits under one roof to signify the role of books and reading in our lives. The event was attended by a huge community from all walks of life, who praised Read Pakistan for its outstanding commitment in engaging the community through books and reading.