The story of Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed (Nishan Haider)

by: Ch Muhammad Natiq
Snow-capped mountains, the weather is such that even the breath freezes, but the passion and enthusiasm is such that even the rock bends. By thwarting the enemy on the world’s highest battlefield, Kargil, and thwarting his nefarious intentions, Captain Colonel Sher Khan Shaheed proved that the brave do not panic in adversity.

This is the story of a brave son of the soil who gave his life but did not let the sanctity of the homeland come under fire. He did not bow his head nor did he allow the people to bow their heads. These are the brave ones whose courage, bravery, love of homeland and bravery were openly acknowledged by the enemy. Those who defended the homeland with their blood. Timely determination, full retaliation and faith in Allah gave Captain Colonel Sher Khan the honour of not only stopping the enemy from advancing but also forcing him to return.

 History always remembers the brave. When it comes to courage and bravery, Captain Colonel Sher Khan will always be remembered. Captain Colonel Sher Khan was born in 1970 in Swabi. This young man from Swabi joined the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul in 1992. In 1994, the 27th Sindh Regiment of the Pakistan Army was given the title of Sher-e-Haidari for his bravery, and in 1999 the 12 NLIs were given the title of “Haider’an” due to their bravery on the Kargil front, was from these units.

Captain Colonel Sher Khan was an adventurous person from the very beginning and a very fearless officer on November 8, 1992, Colonel Sher arrived at the Pakistan Military Academy for training. He was already familiar with the bitter times of training, but the days and nights here are a little more difficult and trying

. Colonel Sher was sent to the Obeida Company. He was known among his peers for his courage, perseverance and playfulness. Drill, PT Everywhere his efficiency was praised. Colonel Sher Khan had professional skills in weapons, field craft and combat skills. Evidence of the strength of faith is that Colonel Sher Kakul used to observe naafil fasts even in the coldest weather, even in the most difficult times.

Capt. Ahmed Waheed (twelve NLIs) explains:
Col. Sher gathered all the juniors and gave a lecture that I will call you only once. He will be called for Fajr prayers. Therefore, during the prayers, all the cadets would gather outside and Colonel Sher would accompany them to the mosque. Even today, his smiling face is part of our memories.

 Lieutenant Zaheer Azam was a junior to Colonel Sher and belonged to 93 Long Course. He opens the window of his memories and tells about the defenders of Pakistan: “I had the opportunity to spend time with Colonel Sher at the Academy and the 27th Sindh Regiment. Colonel Sher’s academic results were excellent. In recognition of his abilities, Colonel Sher was given an honorary title.

Colonel Sher loved weapons from the beginning. He was also a prominent weapon shooter. He was a regular part of the PMA shooting team. He was tough and had full confidence in his strength. Be a part of every PMA shooting competition. He was also awarded many honours. In the PMA Assault Course, Colonel Sher impressed his seniors and colleagues.

His weapon-holding style, physical agility and courage in the exercises were amazing. He always received praise and admiration for it. Colonel Sher wanted to be sent to the infantry. He told everyone about his interest in his chosen branch, “the infantry has the greatest chance of fighting the enemy,” and then came the day that every cadet awaited. The day of fulfilment of wishes. The day of fulfilment of prayers and observance of fidelity. This is called “passing out”.

On the evening of October 14, 1994, Colonel Sher was a regular second lieutenant in the Pakistan Army. The stars shining on his shoulders were in fact the trust of the nation. It is a testament to the sacred responsibilities that are placed on young men. This is the duty of the Pakistan Army and the debt of the nation. There is also a goal. The Pakistan Army has always been the centre of the nation’s hopes and has always lived up to expectations.27 Sindh Regiment:

He is the first officer to be posted in the 27th Sindh Regiment directly from Colonel Sher Academy. He was given a warm welcome at the event. Lt. Col. Iqbal Mahmood welcomed the new officers as second in command. He explains; “Being a second-in-command, I was given the responsibility of developing Colonel Sher’s professionalism and personality.” I found Colonel Sher very serious and confident in his professional duties,” he said. “Joining the Pakistan Army was my biggest dream that came true today.”

These words were uttered by Colonel Sher to me in the first interview and I guessed from the first day that this young man wanted to do something special. He was not only wise but also brave. Courageous and forward in every task during training. Whether it was a field of study or philosophy of warfare, a playground or a shooting competition, Captain Sher used to receive awards for his unit everywhere. Participated in physical training, assault courses and other unit competitions. Colonel Sher participated in the division’s para matches and was a member of the division’s firing team.

Deputy Subedar Qasim was posted in the 27th Sindh Regiment on the same day that Captain Colonel Sher arrived at the unit. It was a beautiful coincidence. Qasim recounts that as a junior soldier, I came across a role model like Colonel Sher Khan. It was a great honour for me to see them active and busy in the unit at all times. This young officer on a bicycle was at the forefront of the unit. Qasim was at his training centre while Col. Sher Khan was part of the 27th Sindh Regiment from the PMA. He liked Qasim very much, the reason being that Qasim lived with Colonel Sher in physical labour and various activities. Qasim explains that;

Colonel Sher Khan was accustomed to physical exertion. They had no competition in PT, drill and various activities. For the shooting team of the unit, he used to practice at the firefighting range, explain various techniques to them, and encourage them. Bicycle or motorbike riders were always visible and played their part in every heat of the unit. Colonel Sher Khan loved his Unit 27 Sindh Regiment very much. The figure of 27 was reflected in everything he did.

Among Sher Khan’s seniors, he was highly regarded. On July 14, 1995, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. On July 29, 1995, he was sent to the School of Infantry and Tactics in Quetta for a course. This course was completed on December 14, 1995, and the results were excellent again. After completion of this course, on January 5, 1996, he was made the commander of the same company. On October 17, 1996, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. An event was organized to celebrate your rank.

At the ceremony, Colonel Sher also presented a model of a G3 rifle to his unit. That model is still preserved in the 27th Sindh Regiment. It is a milestone for its soldiers and officers. Colonel Sher twice formed a commando platoon in his unit. Preparing a command platoon is a very difficult step. It has to cover a distance of 37 km, with weapons and a weight of 37 kg. This journey is made through difficult routes. Floor identification at night, mine clearance and rescue and firing are also part of this course.

Colonel Sher was always at the forefront as a true commander. He carried three bags instead of one on his shoulders, ie with a weight of 60 kg, he presented a practical example of leadership. A phrase uttered during the preparation of his commando platoon still makes the soldiers of the 27th Sindh Regiment weep.”Mara What’s English (difficult) in running, simply put your back foot forward”Observance of rules and regulations at the firing range in the army is a necessary and important responsibility.

During the firing here, Colonel Sher would spend the whole day in the hot sun. When he was preparing for his party, some other people were also practising firing at the firing range. Colonel Sher would have rushed to the target to end the fire, although this is against security measures. But he always said;

“Mara bullet that does not hit will not hit and death will be caused by the same bullet on which Amara’s (my) name is written.” The name is a reflection of the human personality, even the painter, it certainly has an effect on the spheres of life. Some names are recognizable and some become symbols. Signs can also be destinations. Colonel Sher is one such unique name. A name that is considered a symbol of bravery and chivalry.

This brave son submitted himself for deployment on the Line of Control in January 1999. Deployed in 12 NLIs during the Kargil War. You have done a lot of service as a platoon commander. Defending the homeland on the most difficult peaks during the Kargil War made history. During the Kargil War, Captain Colonel Sher Khan-led several operations. He repulsed many of the enemy’s attacks and inflicted heavy losses on them. The mission was done.

During this time Captain Colonel Sher Khan saw another resistance position of the enemy and a large number of enemy troops advancing towards Kashif post for a major attack. They attacked him in full force and took him by surprise. In this daring battle, he came under enemy sniper fire and on July 5, 1999, he was awarded the Medal of Martyrdom.

 This young man from the Pakistan Army taught the Indian Army a lesson they will never forget. His name is also considered a symbol of fear in India. This bold action of yours uprooted the steps of the enemy and he suffered heavy losses. Indian Brigade Commander Brigadier (retd) Mahendra Pratap Singh acknowledged his fearlessness and courage in the words, “The full-scale counter-attacks under his leadership had uprooted our footsteps.” Was Capt.

Colonel Sher Khan, with his courage, bravery, bravery and excellent tactics, along with a few of his comrades, launched a full-scale attack on the enemy’s peak (Tiger Hill and the adjoining mountains) in broad daylight. The 8th Sikh Battalion had to call in additional personnel to bolster its defensive strategy. Colonel Sher Khan fought to the last to achieve this peak, even at the time of the martyrdom, his finger was on the trigger of the gun.

The courage and bravery of Captain Colonel Sher Khan were fully acknowledged and the letter from the enemy read: “The way Captain Sher Khan fought with himself and his comrades should be highly honored ” Men Like Capt. Colonel Sher Khan is literally Lions, figure that have mustered time and a level of bravery and patriotism. These young men sacrificed their young lives, the time when common boys roaming around and having fun, these few men marked history with their immense bravery and blood.

This nation should remember the sacrifices our armed forces and people related to them have rendered for this nation. Our forefathers gave everything for the independence of this country and its people. Now, our Armed forces and their families are doing everything to keep this country independent.

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