World Women’s Day commemorated with zest at University of Okara

World Women’s Day commemorated with zest at UO
World Women’s Day commemorated with zest at UO

World Women’s Day is commemorated with zest at the University of Okara

Reported by: Ahmad Sajid
International Women’s Day was commemorated with great fervour at the University of Okara where the female faculty members organized a seminar while the students presented handicrafts and other cultural goods in an exhibition.

The keynote speaker of the event was Begum Shehnaz Zafar, an entrepreneur, who shared her success story with the female teachers and students, encouraging them to exhibit their inherent capabilities and excel in all walks of life.

Moreover, she talked about women’s empowerment and gender equality. “The role of women is equally significant in the socio-economic development of a society and they should play this role responsibly as the well-being and survival of future generations depend on them.”

The UO’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar, in his special message regarding this day, said, “The University of Okara’s 70 percent students comprise of female and hence, this institution is playing a pivotal role in bridging the gender gap in the region.

We here encourage and capacitate the women to come forward and contribute to the development of this university and eventually to the demographic and socio-economic betterment of the society at large.”

The organizers of the Women’s Day activities included Dr Nasrin Akhter, Associate Professor of Education, Dr Sumaira Ijaz, Assistant Professor of Urdu, Dr Nida, Assistant Professor of Botany and Shazia Akram, In-Charge of Centre for Study of Law and Society.

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