Third edition of ‘Riyadh Season’ inaugurated with spectacular fireworks

By Arshad Raza Bureau Chief TN Media News
RIYADH: The third edition of the biggest ‘Riyadh Season’ in the Middle East and the Arab world was inaugurated on Friday night with spectacular fireworks. Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman at the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment, announced the launching of the Riyadh Season activities with the slogan “Beyond Imagination”.

The spectacular display of fireworks in the opening ceremony was highly appreciated by the fans. The events of the Riyadh Season will be held at 15 venues.
According to Al Arabiya Net, Boulevard World, Boulevard Riyadh City, Winter Wunderland, Al Maraba 8, and Riyadh Sky are ticketed entertainment zones, while Al Suwaidi Park, Quriya Zaman and Al Zal Market are no ticketed zones.

The Riyadh Season will have more than 150 shows. Eight international and 65 fireworks events will also be presented.
The opening ceremony of the Riyadh season began with a concert by international circus ‘Dusolya’ and singer Anne Marie, which was well received. On this occasion, the drones show filled the sky of Riyadh with colour and light.

Riyadh Vibes was also highly appreciated in the inaugural program. The fireworks show lit up every part of the Saudi capital. Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of the Saudi Department of Entertainment, said that the “Faya Riyadh” zone will also be inaugurated and the final touches are being given to the preparations. There are seven theatres ready where fans will get opportunities to watch various favourite movies.

Fawn Festival Zone is being organized for the first time in Riyadh Season. In this regard, World Cup matches will be shown on 8 giant screens. Maradona’s global exhibition Newcastle club exhibition and world sports business marquee are also part of the Riyadh season.

The Winter Wunderland Zone is the most important entertainment destination of the Riyadh Season. Ice skating is organized here where people of all ages can enjoy more than 80 games while more than 18 games are reserved for children.

The week-long festival at Al-Suwaidi Park will highlight the culture of seven countries.
Riyadh Zoo has also been organized in the new Riyadh Season. It is one of the most prominent zoos in the world. More than 1300 animals of 190 species have been collected here.

There are also a number of theatres that delight in the Riyadh Season. They also have Arab theatres and international theatres like Charlie Chaplin.

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