Last warning, save the system if you can.

Writer by Nasir Jamal
The “beneficiaries” of the system are trying to strangle him. For the first time, directors, producers and scriptwriters have been forced to come out in the open. It is no one’s credit. It is called the oppression of time and a system of power. The creators and creatures of the “Kakul Doctrine” are all on four shoulders. There has been a spectacle in the country for 75 years. The answer has lost its colour and attractiveness. First newspapers, then T. We and then the “digital media” have written that all are exposed. The elites and the masses, even the institutions, are lying on their faces.

Most of us, including the establishment, have done the work of others, rather than our own. The establishment has failed not alone but also with its political and administrative children. I have absolutely no interest in what General Nadeem Anjum or General Iftikhar Babar have said or done. However, I am definitely interested in why the warlord has thrown away his most important trump card at this stage of the game. Are the commanders and their teams really under pressure? Or they have also reached the place of Nawaz Sharif and Ghulam Ishaq Khan. Where it has been decided to destroy even the ‘Mahatma’ carved by his own hands. Whatever it costs.

One thing is certain the Pakistan Army as an institution does not really want to capture anyone. But his illegitimate children are worried about him. They are ready to slaughter a whole camel for their meat. You think for a moment. What will happen if Islamabad is surrounded? Will the “crazy person” get power? This is definitely not the case. Under 245, the clearest position of authority has come before the nation. Definitely, the talk will go towards Governor’s rule in two provinces. Because Punjab and KP are playing the role of regular facilitators in climbing Islamabad. In this case, the President of Pakistan has no option.

They have to approve the summary of the Governor’s rule immediately. If not, then the democratic system will not survive. Everyone including the President of Pakistan must go home. Where the situation will reach. There, the current army chief will also have limited options. Maybe they have to leave the festival full. Because their organization doesn’t have much choice either. A new man must be brought from within. Left, the revolution, nothing like that is going to happen. Nations bring revolutions. It is not just a matter of dispersed groups. Where the thing called character is nobody’s game. The fever of the nation will come down in a few days.

After all, I’m not the only one who has been known to form a fast opinion of this nation. Be it the war of 1965, the earthquake or a. P. S ho It takes a moment to unite. This nation definitely supports serious thinking in critical moments. Pakistani state and society, where it has reached. There he has to take decisive action. Now this country cannot run on “contract” anymore. It has to be given a system. Everyone has an interest in that. We should fold our hands and apologize for our sixty and seventy years of leadership. Because they have delivered what they had to deliver. While the royal families and their ladles should also be “amnestied” for twenty-five years.

If the conditions of the world remain like this, then this world is heading towards a new “World War III”. Those who will have agriculture. That country will survive. Because armies can fight the enemy. But can’t fight my stomach. If Europe’s economy collapses, where will we be? We have already destroyed the agriculture, power and petroleum sectors. In 2030 we will be 30 million people. One has thought, what will happen next?

With the current system, then, nothing will improve. If to survive, this system must be buried. Rule of law should be brought instead of lawyers and judges. Institutions should be restructured and policy-making mechanisms should be made for its implementation. The “interference” of MPs has to be buried in the seventh layer of the earth. Administration and Parliament must be separated. Parliamentary and site system has to be done under the coordinated system of Joint Standing Committees of Parliament. Appointment, transfer, merit, performance, reward, and punishment should be brought under the system. A strong establishment division has to be set up. Administration, gas, electricity, water, drains, culverts, bridges, roads, sanitation, and housing, all will have to be brought to the tehsil and town. Civic institutions have to be strengthened.

Tehsils and Union Councils are administrative units instead of provinces. 50% of the funds should be with them, and 50% with the Centre. There should be a fifty-year integrated plan. How to carry on with cities, villages, industries, employment and society. You have realized in the first 22 years of the 21st century that you can’t go forward with this reckless behaviour. Countries, provinces, and institutions should end the ugly practice of giving contracts.
Today, if the army believes that it has become neutral after March 2022. So he should atone for his past sins. Confession is a good thing. No apologies, this time a “correction” like the stock market is very necessary.

Not one anymore, Dunsal should rest. Complete rest must be done. Except for two or four grains. But it should not include our political and military leadership. Who has played their innings? Apologies to them.

The final warning has been issued from the heavens.
Better save your system. No more concessions, not even the Israelites.
If nothing remains at my feet
I will leave with prayers for the next generations.

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