AR Sports Blue management announces Hamzah Khan & Bilal Awan (Captain and Vice Captain)

AR Sport Blue Chairman Aasif Sheikh announced that the upcoming tournament which is 100-Balls of RCA will be led by Hamzah as Captain and Bilal will be Vice-Captain.

The decision was welcomed by the team and the aim is to give them the chance to develop themselves in the short tournaments and take the lead going forward.

Abubakar the senior player said, “I am very pleased with the decision and it will give them to chance to make decisions and learn from their mistakes to become a better leader”.

RCA-100 ball tournament has started off this week but as AR Sports Blue qualified for the QF, so they will start this tournament once the current tournament is completed.

Hamzah has been leading the sides in some of the matches part-time but now this role is full-time and he needs to make sure that his leadership skills will be tested at the same time also Bilal will need to show how well he will blend with the team.

Aasif Sheikh said, “I am aware that we have a senior player in the team who can take the lead but it was a better option to give someone new so that we can support them as and when required“.

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