Women PSL to be launched next year – Ramiz Raja

Pakistan Women PSL 2023

Since Ramiz Raja has been in-charge of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) there have been random changes and the approach to the game has also changed.

There are many who may not agree with his style and how he has gone about it, but they can’t deny that since he has taken power, we have seen a major change in the Pakistan cricket team before the World Cup.

An announcement came through for the women PSL expected to start in 2023 as early as it was expected to start in 2022 but postponed due to there being no window. The Pakistan Women’s Cricket team have done a good job in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2022 warm-up games and in order to promote the game among women, this will be a step-up for them.

Head of the Women’s Wing, Tania Malik announced this news after receiving a green signal from Ramiz Raja said “Since taking office, women’s cricket has been facing difficulties. Efforts are being made to take steps for the promotion of women’s cricket and women to come forward in every field,” as quoted by cricketpakistan.com.pk.

Women PSL will not only help to improve the game but will also help other young women to take part in the game and show their talent and the chances of representing the nation. Other nations such as Australia already started the Big Bash for women and they have good success in the tournament as the viewership may not be the same as the men but it starts.

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