Mian Muhammad Tariq Junaid Celebrated 50 years of Golden Jubilee.

Mian Muhammad Tariq Junaid of Central GS PML-N Saudi Arabia Celebrated 50 years of Golden Jubilee.

District President Resistance Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Riaz Region Mubarak Ali Bhatti celebrated the 50th anniversary of Central Secretary General of Saudi Arabia Mian Muhammad Tariq Junaid (Golden Jubilee).

The cake was cut as a token of gratitude for living a life of bliss, ups, and downs. He prayed for his health, well-being, security, and more grace for the rest of his life. Mian Muhammad Tariq Junaid and Provincial President (Youth Wing) Riaz Region Mian Osama Tariq Junaid received a warm welcome. Overseas President Ishaq Dar was congratulated via telephone by the central leadership.

President Gulf Zone Chaudhry Ehsanul Haq Bajwa, Senior Vice President (Gulf Zone) Mehr Abdul Khaliq Lak Central President of Pakistan Muslim League-N Saudi Arabia, Malik Manzoor Hussain Awan, Chief Patron, Rana Muhammad Ashraf Central Chairman, Chaudhry Liaquat Bhatta Noor Khan Shinwari. Raja Ghulam Akbar Nambardar, Malik Rashid Pervez Awan, and others expressed their best wishes. At the end of the ceremony, Mian Muhammad Tariq Junaid, thanked Mubarak Ali Bhatti’s entire team and especially the Social Media Head Resistance Barish Ali for organizing a splendid banquet for double the joys of the Golden Jubilee.

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