Fairy Tales doesn’t affect the perspective of reality

Corner: Deep Dive  by Javeria Asad 

Fairy tales create illusions, infatuations, and delusions. All these attributes are temporary, and anything which is not permanent cannot affect the perspective of reality. People read fiction books, watch movies, and enjoy fairy tales because they want to take a relaxing break from their real, scheduled and hectic routine. But this relaxing break can’t affect their goals and lives. This mindset can differentiate between the real and fake world.
In life interviews and struggle stories of successful professionals, they mentioned that they were inspired by different real role models. They never said that they were inspired by superheroes or Disney characters. Because they had a growth mindset. And a growth mindset says that goals are achieved through constant hard work, dedication, passion, and a positive approach not by a magic wand or a superpower.
In the field of science and technology, one phrase is commonly used
“Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”
Scientists realized that humanity can be served through scientific experiments. Their inventions are inspired by derivatives of nature, not from fairy tales. Givenchy sketched an aero plan which was an aero dynamical and mechanical form of a bird.
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb which was an electrical and thermal derivative of the sun.
Who invented the dishwasher, windshield wiper, and caller ID?
Women of 18 and 19th centuries created 50 life-related inventions. If they would have been thinking about fairy tales these inventions would not be possible.
• Inventor: Josephine Cochran
• Year/period: 1872Disposable diaper
• Inventor: Marion Donovan
• Year/period: 1950When these fairy tales have not affected people of the 20th century then how can they affect the lives of the people of the 21st century who are born and grown up in a digital world where technology is growing day by day. They believe in facts and logic. 1 to 4 years kids watch fairy tales and let’s assume that they get infatuated for some time, but this temporary illusion can not affect their lives because their lives are driven by their parents
And dependent people can’t decide their life goals. Let’s talk about the age group starting from 5 years and above, they have technology in their palms. They are not interested to see how a spider man shoots his web, they are interested to know what software the filmmaker used.
This is a digitized world they are working on robotics and Legos.
They cherish the characters of superheroes and the Disney world just in a costume party but on returning home they totally refuse their mothers by saying that MAMA they don’t have fake superpowers to finish the cleaning of their rooms in just one-hour deadline.
They don’t sympathize with Cinderella because in their perspective their real mother is far more cruel than Cinderella’s stepmom. They suggest she stop being overdramatic. Girls of the 21st century are not waiting for their prince charming because they are acquiring technical degrees.
For them, their perspective of reality is to groom themselves to get a job in multinational companies, advertising agencies, and hotel management.
They don’t want to be dependent on men. Their tears and kisses are so precious they don’t want to waste to turning a frog into a prince.
So, the secret of success is the acceleration from the comfort zone to a growth zone that is filled with hurdles and challenges. it can be dealt with through real struggle, and not from any magic or fairy tale dilemma.