Middle East’s First-Ever Edtech Startup Workshop in Jeddah Preaches a Digital Nomadic Lifestyle

In what can be seen as a landmark move for Middle Eastern Edtech startups, eCommerce Nomads held their inaugural workshop in Jeddah on 13th October at the Jeddah Initiate hub; aiming to educate and empower the youth of the Middle East about possibilities within the digital economy sphere – with a focus on e-commerce entrepreneurship.

EN entertained an audience of 60 attendees from various backgrounds including students, entrepreneurs’ small business owners, housewives, and more. With lectures covering topics such as ‘the state of e-commerce in KSA, North America & Europe’ ‘elements of a successful online store’ ‘marketplace trends’ & ‘legal considerations for setting up an online business in KSA’, “Benefits of marketplaces like Amazon, Noon, Salla, and Facebook”. In addition, attendees were also given practical advice on areas such as asset management, payment gateways, and logistics management.

In a region where the youth population is booming, it’s more important than ever to provide them with access to quality education. This is why e-commerce nomads an ed-tech startup by Saudi-based Pakistani entrepreneurs (Hussam Ansari, Amer khan, and Attiq Mehar) hosted this unique & interactive workshop laying the first brick of their vision, which translates as amplification of the Middle Eastern economy and empowerment of their youth. To advance “Thriving Opportunities” in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, EN is determined to play its part.

With its unique content catering to those interested in or already running an online business, E-commerce Nomads Workshop proved itself as an ideal platform for budding entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their careers or expand their knowledge base regarding taking their business online.

The organizers hope that similar workshops will be conducted soon not only in KSA but in other GCC countries as well.

Posted by:  Syed Mussarat Khalil Freelance journalist.

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