Kashmir solidarity Day was observed at Pakistan House Niamey.

Press Release Pakistan Embassy, Niamey
The Embassy has arranged an impressive gathering of the Nigerians of all walks of life at Pakistan House. Various dignitaries, Parliamentarians, Academia officials, leading media persons and known Professors, focusing on South Asia participated. Former Prime Minister of Niger and Former Secretary General OIC Mr. Hamid Algabid was the guest of honour at the occasion.

Ambassador of Pakistan Mr. Ahmed Ali Sirohey underscored the importance of observing the Kashmir solidarity day and explained the Kashmir issue. He informed the audience, on this day Indian occupation forces landed in the Jammu & Kashmir and indicated brutal action against Kashmiris. He touched upon the human, legal and security dimensions of the Kashmir conflict.

He highlighted the Kashmir issue in the light of its regional and global implications. The day was marked to express solidarity with the people of Indian held Kashmir who continue to suffer the denial of basic human rights and their self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions which remained as relevant today as they did decades ago. The Ambassador said the human rights violations, remained a big challenge to the conscience of the international community. He said the Kashmir issue is a long-standing issue on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council.

Resolving the Kashmir issue in accordance with the UNSC resolution would pave the way for peace and long stability for all of South Asia and help the region attain its true economic potential. The Ambassador said the democratic government has taken positive initiatives to improve Pakistan-India a relation including MFN status, exchange of sports, cultural troupes but Modi has never responded positively. He stressed that the Self-determination is one of the fundamental rights codified in all major human rights instruments as well as the United Nations Charter.

While talking to media, Nigerien intellectuals noted that resolution of Kashmir issue is a key to prosperity in South Asia. Kashmiris has long suffered in their struggle. They underlined the socio-economic and humanitarian dimension of Kashmir issue. On the contrary post Modi government-imposed curfew and denial of rights from 5th August 2019 in occupied Kashmir. The Indian government is now striving to change the demography. They expressed hope that India would be influenced and forced by the world to resolve this longstanding issue in the light of relevant UN resolutions.


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