Student rally to express solidarity with Kashmiris at Government High School No.1 Haveli Lakha.

by:Ahmed Sajid Haveli Lakha
A ceremony was held in Government High School No. 1 to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people and a rally was held in which the school children and teachers expressed solidarity with the Kashmiri people by making hand chains and chanting slogans in favor of Kashmir.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Headmaster Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Anjum Muhammad Ahmed Sajid Muhammad Ahmed Sabir Muhammad Ali strongly condemned the Indian atrocities on the people of Kashmir and said in his joint statement that the freedom struggle of the Kashmiri people will definitely bear fruit.

And the people of Occupied Kashmir will benefit from the blessing of freedom, he said that India has imposed millions of armed soldiers on innocent Kashmiris in violation of all international laws, thereby oppressing the oppressed Kashmiris.

Extremes have been taken, women and children are suffering severe tortures, Kashmiri youths are being martyred, the crimes of women are being denounced, but despite all this situation, the international community, international human rights organizations and organizations.

Played the role of the deaf and blind Today, all Pakistanis express solidarity with Kashmiris and stand with Kashmiris and we have always raised the voice of the rights of Kashmiris. We hope that Kashmir will soon be freed from Indian rule.

Strongly appealed that the problem of the Kashmiri people should be solved according to their aspirations so that the peace of the region can be maintained and the blessing of freedom can be available to the Kashmiri people. In the event, children presented the atrocities on Kashmir in the form of tableaus.


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