Saima Dastgir elect president of PML-N Women’s Wing Rawalpindi

Prominent social and political leader Saima Dastgir was elected as the President of Pakistan Muslim League-N Women’s Wing Rawalpindi.
Last day, after the notification of prominent Muslim League leader Saima Dastgir as the president of Muslim League-N Women’s Wing Rawalpindi City, there was a wave of happiness among the workers and the congratulatory crowd stopped.

After receiving new responsibilities, Saima Dastgir thanked the workers and said that while fulfilling her new responsibilities, she will struggle day and night for the unity of the party and take all the women workers along with her for the future plan of the party.
She will be made a woman to make the strength of the party.

She said that the leadership of the Muslim League will try hard to fulfil the trust expressed in her and he said that this is a very heavy responsibility for which he will use his abilities in full way.

On this occasion, the newly elected President of the Women’s Wing said that she thanked the Muslim League leaders including the General Secretary Muslim League Youth Wing Punjab, Ayesha Arshad Lodhi, President of Muslim League-N Punjab Sarfar Azafazal, President of Youth Wing Rawalpindi Division Muslim League-N Samina Arif and other leaders.

They express their trust in me and provide me with an opportunity to serve in the party.
According to the details, a high-level meeting of Muslim League-N was held in Model Town Lahore.

Leaders and workers of Muslim League-N participated in the meeting in a full manner. On this occasion, the leaders issued notifications of the newly appointed presidents of Punjab and expressed the hope of striving and making more efforts for the strength of the party while congratulating them.
Ms. Saima Dastgir was one of the well-known political and social leaders of the city, whose political and social struggle is spread over the world.


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