Elite Club Saudi Arabia organized a special event on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

by: Tahir Karamat TN  Media News Dammam Saudi Arabia.

Elite Club Saudi Arabia organized a hybrid event on March 8, 2023, to celebrate International Women’s Day in which women from Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and many other countries participated.

Elite Club Saudi Arabia has provided women and children with a quality platform where they can improve their social, business, academic and social skills.
All the programs designed by Elite Club KSA are very useful and informative.

The founder of the club, Javeria Asad, was the host of the event accompanied by the organizer Saba Idrees, Sumaira Haroon and Madeeha Muzammil.

Javeria Asad emphasized the financial education and awareness of women in her insightful presentation, which can aid them in understanding their requirements and expenses.

keynote speaker and author from Switzerland, Jessica J. Lockhart mentioned in her keynote speech that Women sacrifice their individuality conveniently to carry out their tasks successfully, according to the. They ought to give themselves some time to focus on their lifestyle and health.

Engineer Sarah Dara, a guest speaker from Dubai, stated that women must be exposed to digital technologies for their economic and social development in order to accelerate in a concentrated manner toward their goals.

The Club launched a special edition of the Elitian Times Magazine in which women wrote impressively about their paths to success and the accomplishment of their goals in regard to life’s ups and downs. Writers of the magazine Lalarukh Shahid Thanvi and Hina Wahab participated from Karachi and 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝔂𝓪𝓶 Raza expressed their views.

Club members Sameeha Salit and Salma Muhammad presented special gifts to all the guests. Club member Saba Idrees prepared a beautiful table of delicious food and received great applause. In the end, Javeria Asad thanked all the guests and said that women should be aware of all their social, educational, legal and economic rights so that they can confidently move towards their goals.


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