Iftikhar Ahmed, who was under criticism, was ‘made his uncle’ by everyone.

Pakistan’s batting was under pressure from the start of the match against India in Melbourne and both the Pakistan batsmen were returned for just 15 runs. In such a situation, Iftikhar Ahmed came to the crease and was out of form for the past few months and was under severe criticism from cricket fans.

At that time, it looked like Pakistan would barely score 120 or 130 runs, but then Iftikhar Ahmed took an aggressive approach and changed the complexion of Pakistan’s innings.

Even the big boundaries of the Melbourne Cricket Ground could not stop Iftikhar Ahmed and he hit four sixes in his innings of 51 runs off 34 balls. Iftikhar Ahmed, who was under criticism on social media until a few weeks ago, has now become a hero on the same social media.

A user named Shahzeb Malik posted a picture of the Pakistani batsman and wrote, “We were saving the sixes for the World Cup.”

Wajahat Kazmi wrote in a tweet, ‘When Iftikhar Ahmed said that Australia’s boundaries are not big, he was not lying.

Sports journalist Faizan Lakhani wrote that Iftikhar Ahmed is the first Pakistani player to hit four sixes in a T20I innings in Australia.

Iftikhar Ahmed is also called Chacha on social media and the word Chacha is also trending on Twitter at the moment.

Fazal Abbas wrote, “I think Australia is Uncle Iftikhar’s home ground.”

Umar Saif criticized those who ridiculed Iftikhar Ahmed and wrote, “They used to say uncle, uncle.” Now everyone has made their uncle.

This nation is hit by two sixes.

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