Private companies, institutions asked to issue “duty regulations” on Qavi Platform

by Urdu News published by TN Media News
RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has asked private sector institutions and companies to issue rules and abide by duty regulations. Duty regulations should be issued on a ‘Qavi Platform’.

According to the All website, the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare said in a statement that there are differences between employers and employees regarding duties and timings. To address this issue, private institutions and companies have been bound from publishing duty hours regulations on a regular platform۔

The Ministry said that there are two types of rules governing the duty. There are exemplary regulations which do not require approval for implementation. Promulgation and approval of such regulations are possible instantly on the Qavi Platform, these regulations are for establishments with less than 50 employees.

‘Minor amendments are allowed in the duty regulations for such institutions. For example holidays, relevant calendar, duty days etc.’
The statement said that other regulations governing the duty are called special regulations. Their issuance is mandatory for establishments with 50 and more employees.

Institutions may add conditions and provisions to special regulations, such as allowance systems, annual increments, identification of violations and disciplinary action against them, etc., provided that all these amendments are not contrary to labour laws and regulations.

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