US Baseless propaganda against China over Balloon

By: Hafsa Akram, Research Assistant, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad
The U.S. military and media have accused China of operating a spy balloon in Montana. This incident has pushed the recent U.S. hype over the “China threat” to a new level. New tensions are coming to the US-China relationship is a follow-up action by the US to strengthen the containment of China in the fields of military, science and technology, and diplomacy, and on issues of China’s core concerns such as Taiwan Island. The United States is making more provocations and unnecessary statements.

The U.S. politicians and media is taking advantage of the situation to discredit, and malign China. Some academics and politicians are trying to win domestic political ambitions by creating a fearful atmosphere.  China-bashing has become an integral part of US media houses, and Anti-China thinks tanks. Everyone knows that the US has a longstanding practice of exerting frequent long-arm jurisdiction over other countries to create more hostility, straining the relationship.

Although global economic growth is facing many challenges, China is focusing on peace, development, and cooperation, as evidenced by the unity of many countries and extraordinary efforts to solve the problems faced by the world.

“China seeks no hegemony, no imperialism, no regime change, no Cold War”.  The Chinese side has always emphasized the need to abandon zero-sum thinking and define Sino-US interaction with dialogue and win-win cooperation. China is working hard to establish friendly and cooperative relations with Europe. Frequent bilateral high-level exchanges and numerous bilateral cooperation projects show that China and the EU are opportunities rather than threats to each other.

The way the United States is calling China a “threat” shows that the USA itself holds the Cold War mentality.  Those who make up the balloon lie are portraying China in two contradictory ways, neither of which has support, they are so keen on calling China an enemy and giving War slurs against China.

Chinese leaders have always made a strategic decision to accelerate the formation of a new development pattern, emphasizing the role of the new development pattern in enhancing development security and initiative. China has also promoted solidarity and cooperation with developing countries, setting a new example of developing countries treating each other as equals, treating each other with sincerity, and supporting each other.

The United States is the biggest driver of the militarization frenzy in the Asia-Pacific region. A large number of American warships and fighter planes have appeared in the South China Sea, and the United States has rapidly increased its close-in reconnaissance and provocative activities near China.

US Political establishment is united in creating more hostile policies. It appears that Washington is trying to weaken China to secure global hegemony and imperialism. USA propaganda academics and experts are creating a fake narrative and urging the government to do action against China.

China has always put forward a vision for global peace and cooperation, a world of common prosperity through mutually beneficial cooperation, and an open and inclusive world through exchanges and mutual learning rather than conflictual, confrontational.

The toxic politics predominating in Washington seems to have strengthened, it should be countered. US politicians should stop their biased arguments against China. American politicians make baseless arguing against China in front of the American people rather than focusing on tackling the challenges such as climate change, and pandemics.


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