Ms. Maryam Raza participated as a speaker in “8th INTERNATIONAL BAŞKENT CONGRESS”

On 5 February 2023, Ms. Maryam Raza, Deputy Director, PRCCSF participated as a speaker in the “8th INTERNATIONAL BAŞKENT CONGRESS”. The congress was organized by BZT Academy, Turkey and successfully managed by Dr. Baha Ahmet Yilmaz, CEO, BZT Academy. A large number of international speakers from all around the world participated in the online congress. Global scholars shared their innovative researchers on different topics.

Ms. Maryam Raza, Deputy Director, PRCCSF participated as a speaker in the congress. She gave speech on “Soft Power Diplomacy vis-à-vis Regionalism in 21st Century”. She discussed that the advanced mechanism in international relations and global politics has brought profound changes and evolutionary developments. She discussed that some states have been optimizing soft power diplomatic tools to enhance cooperation, regionalism has also emerged as a whole discourse of study to analyze relations among institutions and countries.

Ms. Maryam stated that socioeconomic and political transformations have been providing a plethora of opportunities for joint collaboration vis-à-vis securing national interests. However, emerging common threats jeopardizing the decent existing of human beings cannot be overlooked.

She explained that the unique combination of soft power and regionalization can present a new model of interstate or international coordination. Ms. Maryam concluded that cultural cooepration remains the major essence of diplomacy to enhance people-to-people contacts. Thus, all states must join hands to tackle common threats and move towards a shared future.


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