The Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi hosted the opening ceremony of a new stage drama, “Aba Eid Karade,” which was to be presented from Eid-ul-Fitar.

BY: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghour
Karachi (Staff Reporter): The event, held at the Arts Council, was attended by well-known personalities associated with the stage who distributed the script of the drama among the artists.

Drama producer Muhammad Naveed has returned to the stage after many years with this drama. Muhammad Naveed has presented countless superb dramas in the past, including prominent works with comedy king Moin Akhtar and Omar Sharif, and his credit is also present in this drama.

It should be noted that “Aba Eid Karade” is the offering of the Chungu Vek Company, and Sardar Ahmed has offered this drama. It is noteworthy that Sardar Ahmed has also returned to the world of the stage after a long time.

The drama is being directed by a talented young director Numan Khan. The writer is Roop Lala, and the assistant director is Sahil Ansari. Javed Akhtar is the organizer, and Javed Miyan is the coordinator.

The actors include internationally renowned actors Shakeel Siddiqui, Rauf Lala, Naheema Ghazal, Kashif Khan, Wali Sheikh, Hina Malik, Shakeel Shah, Aamir Rembo, Mehak Noor, Shehbaz Sunam, Naseer Jehanzeb, Panki Sehar, Arma Ahmad, Sherabeel Siddiqui, Shehbaz Rembo, Abdullah Lala, Tahir Solger, Areesha Ali, Shakeel Junaid, Raof Alam.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, drama producer Muhammad Naveed said that he hopes that the drama will continue to be performed throughout the year, not just during the Eid holidays. “We have had a good time, and we want to build a good team so that the stage in Karachi remains vibrant throughout the year.”


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