Pakistani Executive Forum Karachi Chapter 1st meet & greet held in Karachi Pakistan.

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq
Pakistani Executive Forum Karachi Chapter arranged a members’ meet & greet session on the 30th of July, 2022 at 5 pm at DHA Phase-6, Karachi. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, a senior member of the Pakistani Executive Forum was kind enough to open his arms and arrange the event at his celestial home.
It was a colourful gathering, where members coming from different walks of life and professions graced the session. All members shared their views, introduced themselves and shared their experiences with each other.

Abubakar Munawar Head of PEF Karachi Chapter along with Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid moderated the evening and facilitated each member to mingle and share their profiles with others. The next meeting which was decided was gracefully announced at the High Tea table. The Next Meeting along with scrumptious Brunch is graced and sponsored by our beloved and lively Mr. Azeem Adil Sheikh sb at his resort “Country Side Chalet” on the 7th of August, 2022 at 10 AM sharp.

The good news, Mr. Munir  Ahmad Shad, President and Founder of Pakistani Executive Forum and  Director of TN Media News power by TN media Network Pvt Limited will join us and grace us with his presence on the 1st of Sep, 2022, was announced on the 1st meeting of the PEF Karachi Chapter that.
Following members joined  the PEF Karachi Team on the 30th of July, 2022
1. Mr. Abubakar Munawar Head of PEF Karachi Chapter
2. Mr. Ch. Muhammad Natiq
3. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar ( Event Sponsor )
4. Mr. Azeem Adil Sheikh
5. Mr. Yousuf Ibn ul Hassan
6. Mr. Sarfaraz Sarwar
7. Mr. Umair Saleem
8. Mr. Farhan Ahmed
9. Mr. Sikendar Zindani
10. Mr. Saad Ahmed
11. Mr. Osama Hassan
12. Mr. Muhammad Altaf
13. Mr. Faisal Mehmood
14. Mr. Naval Vaswani
15. Mr. Talha Khan
16. Mrs. Rabia Omar
17. Mr. Syed Omar Hassan
18. Mr. Iftikhar Sherwani
19. Mr. Noman Khawaja
20. Mr. Muhammad Arshi
21. Mr. Syed Azmat Ullah
22. Mr. Rehan Khan
23. Mr. Ikhas Uddin

Pakistan Executive Forum (PEF) is a Networking platform for Executive and entrepreneur classes of different Pakistani companies to share, collaborate and cooperate with each other in the professional domain under the PEF umbrella to enhance business opportunities, create collaboration JVs among companies and share the business-oriented knowledge among each other to grow as a single Pakistani national. This group gives opportunities to different entrepreneurs to present their skills and expertise.

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