An auspicious and energetic event was held at Marriott Hotel Karachi on 18th Jun, 2022. This event was organized by Mr. Rizwan Jaffer who has a lot of credit on his name for his work for youth and Pakistan. Under his umbrella, he started a movement of Made In Pakistan. Later, he initiated the concept of empowering youth and bringing them to the corridors of power with his brand Youth Parliament. It was Mr. Rizwan Jaffer who took this concept to the then Minister Mr. Syed Nasir Hussain Shah of Sindh Assembly who then presented a memorandum in the Sindh Parliament and reserved the seat of youth in Sindh Assembly.

This event was organized for the youth to educate them about the country’s current political scenario and the importance of the institutions of this beloved country. Youth was told that institutions like Pak Army has rendered extreme sacrifices and tireless efforts to keep this country safe; ensuring our safety and freedom. It was also highlighted that how social media is used against the country to create hatred among the people of this country and towards our Army. 5th Generation and the cause and result of Hybrid warfare was also discussed.

Prominent people especially youngsters who are rendering special hand for this society were invited in this event. Honorable guests from Pak Army, Judiciary, Social Services, Constructions Entrepreneurs, business community were present. Everyone was at a consensus that a deliberate divide is created in this society to weaken it from inside. Hatred is planted among the people and the institutions through social media to lower our defenses and make us go to stone ages and plunder like it happened in Syria, Libya, Iraq and other countries who have recently witnessed this chaos and got disintegrated or destroyed.

Col. ® Rizwan SI(M) a war veteran, a motivational speaker, renown analyst and an intellect who have achieved skies in service and in civil society expressed his views and delivered his valuable analysis on the current situation and compared Geo Political situation with current internal situation of Pakistan. He covered Arab Spring, Hong Kong Unrest and Libyan uprising and discussed the causes and aftermaths. He also compared these with current Pakistan’s scenario and gave his well-researched analysis on the cause. He told youth how can they become a part of change and positive energy-synergy to get Pakistan out of this situation. He discussed 5th Gen WF and rattled the youth from their cores and gave them a wakeup call so that they may not fall prey of this international well planned conspiracy against our armed forces and other core institutions.

Honorable H.E Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Minister for Local Government, Municipality Housing and Town Planning, Public Health Engineering & Rural Development Department, Government of Sindh delivered his speech on Istehkam-e-Pakistan and conveyed his valuable words to the youth and the people. Awards were presented to the guests from the hands of Honorable Chief Guest.

Youth eccentric events like this should be organized for experience and knowledge delivery from the seasoned valuable members of this society. Refreshers should be given to the youth so that they may be protected from ongoing assault of 5th Generation Warfare. These kinds of events can protect our youth from the onslaught and invasion of inflation and should be educated about friend and foe discipline of the information.

By. Ch. Muhammad Natiq (Invited by the Organizer as a Guest)

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