VIP Holidays C.C. defeated Kohsar Blue by 36 Runs in the final of RCA CHAIRMAN MUHAMMAD ANWAR MEMORIAL CRICKET TOURNAMENT


VIP Holidays C.C. defeated Kohsar Blue by 36 Runs in the final of RCA CHAIRMAN MUHAMMAD ANWAR MEMORIAL CRICKET TOURNAMENT and became CHAMPION of Huraymala League. The tournament was organized by RCA in the memory of Late RCA Chairman Mr Muhammad Anwar (late), who later died in a tragic car accident while returning home after performing Umra with his family. 

Kohsar Blue Captain Mr Saqib Saleem won the toss and decided to bowl first, Kohsar Blue got rid of inform opener Mr Talseen Junaid (8 Runs off  5 Balls) when the score was just 19 and soon after dangerous batsman Mr Shams Uz Zaman, 21 Runs off 13 Balls (who scored 2 consecutive centuries against Kohsar Blue in the last 2 meetings) departed also when the score was 62.

Semi-Final man of the match and inform batsman Mr Sajid Saeed (17 Runs off 14 Balls) got out cheaply too, at that stage, it looked that VIP Holidays C.C. would not be able to post a big total on the board as Kohsar Blue was controlling the game with some decent bowling & fielding in the middle overs. Without getting undue pressure and with a positive intent, upcoming batsmen Mr Moeez Shan(67 of 35 Balls) and Mr Abid Saeed (67 of 37 Balls, NOT OUT put up an outstanding partnership (103 Runs) and took VIP Holidays C.C. in a comfortable and commanding position.

Both maintained the run rate at par and once Mr Moeez Shan got out, the score was 165. Next in a batsman, Mr Kamran Hadi carried on the same momentum and played a sheet anchor role with a superb inning of (28 Runs off 14 Balls) with Mr Abid Saeed and VIP Holidays managed to reach a decent score of 231/6 on the board.
Kohsar Blue got a flying start and both openers played sensibly until VIP Holidays C.C. Captain Mr Saifullah introduced his fast Bowler Mr Javed Khan Malang who bowled fiercely and Bowled Mr Tahir Mushtaq (31 Runs off 14 Balls) first and in the same over got rid of dangerous and inform batsman Mr Shahbaz (4 Runs off 2 Balls). Mr Javed continued his red hot form and got rid of 2nd Opener Mr Saqib Abbasi Jr (25 Runs off 19 Balls) in his 2nd over.
Kohsar Blue Captain, Mr Saqib Saleem and Mr Qasim Omar Abbasi tried to cover the early hiccups but the overall RUN RATE became out of reach and after a fine partnership, Mr Qasim Abbasi fell down to Mr Samiullah Baltistani’strap and got out (53 Runs Off 28 Balls)that was the turning point and VIP Holidays got hold of the  FINAL MATCH with some disciplined fielding & bowling. Kohsar Blue captain Mr Saqib Saleem tried his level best to sail his team but Mr Abid Saeed got rid of him (61 Runs off 39 Balls). In the end VIP Holidays comfortably won the match by 36 RUNS.

Mr Abid Saeed was adjudged MAN OF THE MATCH on his all-around performance (65 Runs off  37 balls) and Brilliant bowling (4 Over 26 Runs and 1 Wicket). Mr Talseen Junaid was declared the best Batsman (scored 336 Runs) and Mr Shams Uz Zaman got the trophy of best wicketkeeper in the tournament.

VIP Holidays Captain, Saifullah Abdullah: Thanks to Almighty Allah, Alhamdulillah, we won the Final, which was indeed a pressure game for us. I really appreciate the way Mr Abid Saeed and Mr Moeez Shan batted after the early collapse and showed that VIP Holidays C.C. has enough batting strength to cope with any pressure. I am also very pleased with the way my bowlers Mr Abid Saeed and especially Mr Javed Khan Malang bowled and made us win this tourney.

I am so proud that we won the 1st RCA CHAIRMAN MUHAMMAD ANWAR MEMORIAL CRICKET TOURNAMENT, Huraymala League and this would not have been possible without the continuous support of the Managing Director Mr Jamal Bafadhl of VIP Holidays Travel & Tourism who has always stood by our side morally and financially and without his ample support and guidance we would have not reached thus far and established a big club like VIP Holidays C.C.

In the end, I would like to THANK all my Team Players and especially the Team Manager Mr Nabeel Liaquat who has always supported me in building and managing our team.
VIP Holidays C.C. Fall of Wickets  
1- Talseen Junaid                             19
2- Shams Uz Zaman                       57
3- Sajid Saeed                                  62
4- Moeez Shan                               165
5- Kamran Hadi                            226
6- Muhammad Saeed                 226

Kohsar Blue Fall of Wicket
1- Tahir Mushtaq                             51
2- Mohammad Shahbaz                55
3-  Saqib Abbasi Jr                        62
4- Qasim Abbasi                           142
5- Saqib Saleem                            184
6- Sagheer Ahmed                        191
7-  Haris Ateeq Abbasi                194
8-  Yasir Manzoor                        195