Abdul Malik Mujahid hosts dinner in honor of Community Welfare Attaches.

Guest Group photo

by: Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Riyadh-Renowned religious scholar researcher, author and writer of dozens of Islamic books and founder of Darus Salam international publishing house, Abdul Malik Mujahid invited Community welfare attaché Sohail Babar Waraich and recently appointed third community welfare to attach Rai Najam Nawaz Saqib, Senior journalist from Jeddah, Syed Mussarat Khalil, President Executive Forum and Executive Director of TN media News, Munir Ahmed Shad, Engineer Rashid Minhas of STC and other guests to a sumptuous dinner at his residence.
As everyone knows that Abdul Malik Mujahid is from Hafizabad, Pakistan and has been living in Riyadh for over forty years. His spacious and beautiful residence near the Interior Ministry in the central part of the city reflects his best personality. The beauty of the interior decoration and corners of the house, which are beautifully decorated, certainly reflects the manners of the occupants.
Abdul Malik Mujahid welcomed the guests with great love and compassion and humbled his guests with dates and coffee. The food consisted of excellent dishes like mutton, chicken kebab, cream taka, drumstick, mutton biryani, potatoes, vegetables, soybeans, and cakes. After the meal, the guests were treated to tea and coffee.
During the meeting, he discussed and spoke on the basics of Islam and the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). All the participants were very impressed with the great hospitality of Abdul Malik Mujahid and the time they spent with him was a source of pride for them.

Before saying goodbye to the guests, he presented his books “Golden Events of Acceptance of Prayers” and “Golden Stories” to their guests.

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