Pakistan’s power is at your disposal, youth Let us handle it from the platform of the Hum Awam Pakistan Party

Reported by: Abdul Raheem Karachi

Karachi: The parliamentary system in Pakistan has fully exposed the filth, corruption and lawlessness of this system, which is exemplified by the hereditary political families. These views were expressed by Arshad Jamal, General Secretary of the Hum Awam Pakistan Party, while talking with party workers in his office. He said that in recent times, politics has become a political market where the votes of the people are being rigged and that violating the dignity of the people’s vote is not a proper step for the politics of the country.

All this is a violation of the laws of our dear homeland Pakistan; it is destroying the future of our country’s politics. It seems as if civil rights are being publicly killed. We are waiting for those who have returned to this country themselves. They have become richer and richer, and the people have been burdened with debts. They said that we were going to give them power again. Free yourself from the chains.

Give up these politicians in Islamabad and give up their slavery and fight for your freedom. The youth are the architects of this nation. Come out on the slippery slope of the country. Take control from the our party platform.When the Islamic presidential system is implemented, the people will have to struggle for the implementation of the Islamic presidential system in order to gain power.

He further said that the great soldiers of my country and the Armed Forces of Pakistan, the security of the country is incumbent upon you. This nation loves you very much. Hold their hands. Free Pakistan once again. This nation believes in you. They waiting for the national hero.


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