No Confidence Move linked to Ukraine war, new world’s emergence, Western powers unleashes forces to sabotage O.I.C meeting at Islamabad

By Mashhud Aslam 07-Mar-2022

KARACHI: Western forces including European Union have unleashed combined Opposition giving them the task to topple Imran Khan’s government before March 23 when O.I.C meeting is scheduled at Islamabad. The no-confidence move against PTI government and sudden flurry in ranks of Opposition to sent PTI government packing are linked to prevent successful meeting of Organization of Islamic Countries (O.I.C). PM Khan in his address to the moot of Muslim nations is likely to convince them to adopt a neutral stance and break away from US and EU lead economic monetary system.

Imran Khan is going to make a number of revelations, expose the designs of USA and Western Powers. Fearless Khan is poised to challenge the imperial forces and ask Muslim countries to shrug off domination by so-called developed countries. He may refer to the destruction of Syria, Palestine, Iraq and other Muslim countries of Arabian Peninsula and need for these countries under destruction to become neutral and join a new world block of neutral states. Western Powers who during previous three months tried to win over Imran Khan and make him support policies of the West were angered when PM Khan sent a message of “Absolutely Not” to these forces refusing to toe their dictats of not participating in Bejing Olympics, caution rather warning to not to Visit Russia and to announce his support to US and EU lead coalition against Russia.

Imran refused to take any pressure and paid a historic visit to Russia, had a significant three hour long meeting with Russain President Validmir Putin in which far reaching decisions were taken by the leadership of both Russia and Pakistan. The policy of neutrality persued by Imran Khan was indigestible for western powers who tasked the opposition in Pakistan, ear marked 300 Million US dollars to over throw PTI government. The price for one vote against Imran is said to be around 70-80 Crore rupees. The stakes are high and so the price is also high and many are lured to vote against Imran Khan.

In order to make O.I.C meeting insignificant, the western powers and their local agents have started frenzied meetings, resorting to long marches, bringing in no confidence or resort to some other method as if O.I.C meeting goes well and Pak leaders succeed in exposing ill designs of USA and EU against world peace, a new bloc is likely to emerge. This block may include Asian, Arab, African and even some European countries bringing the USA designs of controlling the world to a total collapse and also ending its war machine which produces, sells, promote use of weapons made in US in poor Muslim countries.

All eyes are now set upon meeting of O.I.C scheduled to be held on March 23 in federal capital hosted by Pakistan government. It may prove to be beginning of a new era, a new world and a new Pakistan with a policy of total independence and neutrality.

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