PML (N) members meeting and say welcome to PM Shahbaz and team in Saudi Arabia

Sitting from right, Zahid Latif Sandhu, general secretary, PML (N), Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, media coordinator, PML (N) Saudi Arabia, Rana Khalid, president PML (N) Riyadh and Mirza Munir Baig, senior leader PML (N) at a meeting held at Ramada hotel, Riyadh on Sunday.

By Arshad Raza Bureau Chief
RIYADH: President Pakistan Muslim League (N) Riyadh Rana Khalid and Mujahid Nadeem Ramay, media coordinator, PML (N) Saudi Arabia, held a meeting at Ramada hotel last night in regard to welcome PML (N) leader and Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif who is arriving here in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

According to news carried out in Pakistani media that Shahbaz Sharif will leave for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the next few days but his exact date of arrival has not yet been announced, Mujahid Nadim Ramay said to TN Media News at a meeting that was included Mirza Munir Baig, senior leader PML (N) and Zahid Latif Sandhu, general secretary PML (N).
The meeting was specially called on to discuss an arrangement to welcome Shahbaz Sharif on his visit to Saudi Arabia, said Sandhu and added: “Well-wishers and staunch followers of PML (N) emotionally charged and are anxiously awaiting their beloved leader to meet him in person.”

Rana Khalid said: “Because of some drastic moves were taken by Premier Shahbaz Sharif diverted the declining economy back on track and saved the country from inflation. We are thankful to Allah Almighty that once again the lovers of Sharif will find him among them.”

no Sooner do we receive the confirmation of Shahbaz Sharif’s arrival then PML (N) members and lovers will be informed through social media, said Mujahid Nadeem Ramay.

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