“Has PTI has become a menace for Pakistan and Pakistanis”

By Ch. Muhammad Natiq
PTI has become a cult and this is the worst thing. India tried its level best to cultivate hatred for Pakistan Army for 70 years but was not successful but he did what India wanted. In these 3 and a half years, India annexed Kashmir and we just enjoyed Dollar went up from 120 to 186 although it’s a good thing for ex-pats as said by Governor State Bank the worst thing for normal Pakistanis, If you want, there are 100s of things to share.

This PTI created a wedge between families, however, they are enjoying Can someone tell where is Farah bibi, why Pervaiz Khattak’s brother is in PPP and his nephew is in JUI why Shahbaz Gill is still taking pay from USA University, Unfortunately, all political parties are same and there is absolutely no difference.

This joke of a letter which has been played with a nation which is sentimental has done more harm than any good at all. Everyone pl have faith and trust in your armed forces they have a better understanding.

Same corruption cases against all parties. Alhamdulilah we are over the dark period of Pakistan where practically no progress was done.
For 3 years dollar prices rose like anything, no increase in jobs no housing, medical facilities at lowest, what should we do about the letter.