Pioneering the Future: Historic Milestone as All-Women-Led Pakistani Health-Tech Startup Takes Center Stage

by: TN Media News Pakistan:

Sehat Kahani: Female-Led Health-Tech Startup Raises $2.7M in Historic Series A Funding:

Pakistan’s Sehat Kahani, an all-women-led health-tech startup, has achieved a milestone by securing $2.7 million in a Series A funding round. Led by Amaanah Circle, the funding includes support from investors such as Epic Angels, USAID, and others.

Founded by doctors Sara Saeed Khurram and Iffat Zafar Aga, Sehat Kahani facilitates virtual doctor-patient connections in under 60 seconds. The platform provides at-home lab services, online medicine delivery, and serves a diverse nationwide patient base.

This funding will enable Sehat Kahani to advance its features, including precision medicine tools and predictive AI models. Operational in over 310 cities in Pakistan, the startup has shown significant growth, challenging the notion that telemedicine is only valuable during crises.

Sehat Kahani’s corporate application now offers a comprehensive OPD management solution, ensuring hassle-free access to healthcare services for corporate employees. With 2.6 million consultations to date, the funding aims to expand their mission of empowering women in medicine and bridging healthcare gaps on a global scale.


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