Pakistan social Association Awards Distribution Ceremony in Bahawalpur

By: Ahmad Sajid heavily lakha.
Bahawalpur by Muhammad Ahmad Sajid Social workers’ services are appreciated for achieving sustainable development goals in the backward region. President Syed Ammar Hussain Jafri Speaking to participants at the holding of Pakistan organized by the Social Association “93th All Pakistan Social Workers Conference”

Qaid Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said that Pakistan Social Association planted trees now becoming deputing was tnaaur contribute to Pakistan’s prosperity and well-being of people in all departments of life for the past 93 years hy. payday development goals the activists of Pakistan Social Association for the acquisition, which will be revolutionized in all departments of life including agriculture, health and education. Wise enjoyed.

The general secretary of the Pakistan Social Association Scope of the country, including Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Kashmir provincial offices of the organization across the country and hundreds of units of the division and district levels and the organization of labour day.

Provincial President Dr Abdul Nasir overnight guests welcome the guests.
Brigadier (retd) Abdul Qayyum Qadri said that instead of the traditional method in all walks of life in the present technology hyn.tqryb engaged to perform community service importance has increased. Compatible with the contemporary requirements of the present generation advanced technology education hy. zrurt indispensable to the fact that the digital PSA benefit from these efforts

Special Judicial Magistrate Near Mustafa and Regional Coordinator SPO that he possesses fundamental importance for the development of education and health society Shahnawaz Khan said. In order to make Pakistan one of the developed countries, modernization of education and health is a matter of urgency. Experiment on fighting health problems such as serious food security and promoting human health through the two Houses donated land for the establishment of economic and social help to achieve goals

Mrs. Asia perfected PSA Center and said that women have the technology to develop a revolutionary step in the mainstream of national development.

Social Workers the best awards ceremony at the end of Senior Vice President, Dr. Abid Hussain Janjua, Prof. Dr. Qasim glory, Dr Shahzad Rana, Professor Medhat perfect Hussain, the professor died, said Dr. Abdul Qayyum, Sardar Khadim Hussain hidden Raja Shafqat Mahmood, Javed Ayaz Khan, Saad Rehman Malik, Zeeshan Ajmal Malik, Mohammad Ahmad Sajid, chief Sheikh, Mohammad Azam Khan, Shahid Iqbal Fareedi, Fahd Iqbal, claims Nawaz Rana, Qari Shakeel Ahmad, Hakim Abdul Shahzad Hussain Bishop Naeem Jesus, Shahrukh Khan, Zeeshan Qureshi, Mohammad Akram.

Yasin Salim, Abdul Rehman, Mohammad Danish, Mohammad Tariq mlanh, Qasim Solangi, Nasir fluid, Malik Mohammad Tariq, claim pro, Faiz Muhammad Hashmi, Mian Umar Amjad Ahmad, evangelist Wasim Lodi, Rifat Hanif, Mohammad Khalid, Mohammad Saqlain, Shoaib Ahmed, Mohammad Azam Bhatti, Rana Saad Noorani, Malik Zafar, mysm Abbas, Mohammad Khalid, Mohammad Saqlain, Jabbar, and prominent figures from various schools attended by a large number.

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