In India, access to the official Twitter account of the government of Pakistan is denied.

Access to the official Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan has been denied in India. According to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, access to the account has been denied in response to legal demands, according to information provided on the official account page on the social media website Twitter. Earlier also this official account of the Pakistan government was blocked in India which was later activated.

According to India’s official news agency ANI, India blocked access to several Pakistani accounts in July, while the Pakistan government’s Twitter account was also blocked, which was later reactivated.

Twitter has not made any statement in this regard at present. According to Twitter’s guidelines, this type of action is taken only if there is a legal demand such as a court order. In June, Twitter in India blocked the official account of Pakistan’s embassy, ​​while in August eight YouTube news channels were also blocked, one of which was being run from Pakistan. While a Facebook account was also blocked for spreading ‘anti-India false information.

The Indian government has blocked more than a hundred YouTube channels, four Facebook pages, five Twitter accounts and three Instagram accounts for spreading hateful content.

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