As all are aware the Heavy Rains last Thursday, November 24, 2022, in Jeddah which caused rampant water logging everywhere in the City including the WPCA Grounds. So the scheduled matches of the newly started Mini Tournament “CCT” in the Week 1 could not take place and matches were cancelled for the day pending the results.

The WPCA Grounds were inspected by the WPCA Ground maintenance team on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to assess the conditions of the Ground post rain havoc. The Ground committee reported on Sunday afternoon that Matches on Friday, December 2, 2022, will be not possible on Ground # 2, # 3 and # 5 despite the best efforts of the Ground maintenance Team.

The Water logging on Ground # 2 and Ground # 5 was too heavy and even after the release of water, it looks very difficult at this stage to use these Grounds next Friday.  WPCA Executive Committee and WPCA Tournament Committee in their weekly meeting have instructed the WPCA Grounds Maintenance committee to have one more inspection on Monday Afternoon for a Final report in regard to the Availability of the Grounds on Friday, December 2, 2022.

It has to be noted that in the released week Schedule of the Mini Tournament (on November 25, 2022) were 9 matches in the Morning Session and 8 matches in the Afternoon Session. Secondly, we have received the Withdrawal of MUSTAFA CC from the Tournament because of the shortage of Players.

Considering all the pros and cons, the matches of the tournament have to be rescheduled, hopefully from December 2, 2022. During all these happenings, very pleasant news of the entry of a sponsor has also emerged and with due confirmation from the Sources, it will be brought to the notice of the clubs.

So In short, WPCA will decide by the Evening on Monday, November 28, 2022, after the Final Grounds Inspection and Decision of the Ground Maintenance for the availability of the Grounds for the matches on Friday, December 2, 2022. Matches will definitely take place but the question lingers is of just 2 Grounds at the moment.

We thank various Clubs for their earnest participation in getting the Ground s ready, especially SAS System Engineering, Jeddah Falcons and Saudi XI. WPCA is highly thankful for their honest involvement and we appreciate their grand work.

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