Imran Khan gives a new dimension to people “we are an independent nation”

by: Zahid Sharif
POLITICS is an arena in which every player is ready to land. Especially where the people of Pakistan are, politics is a hot topic. The UK is still a hotbed of politics, with Pakistanis living there expressing their allegiance to their favourite leaders and party. Includes news from the Slavic city of England where Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) senior leaders Malik Saqib Awan and Naqash Ahmed hosted a sumptuous lunch in honour of UKPTI President Abdul Sattar Rana and President South East Aslam Dogar and General Secretary South East Imran Rana where PTI leaders Kayani, Rana Mohsin, Chaudhry Yasir Hanif, Chaudhry Ashraf and workers participated at the luncheon gathering.

President of the occasion, Abdul Sattar Rana said that “We do not believe in imported government. Corrupt gangs that used to make a fuss about inflation are now dropping inflation bombs on the people. The dollar has reached 191 against the rupee. Flour and sugar thieves are being benefited by creating an artificial shortage of petrol and food items.”
People have rejected the thugs of Pakistan.

On this occasion, General Secretary Imran Rana nominated Niqash Ahmed as the President of the Youth Wing from the PTI South East Region. Meanwhile, on the same occasion, the famous Tuck Tucker Nadeem Mubarak was congratulated on joining PTI and welcomed by wearing a scarf as per party tradition.

Newly elected President Youth Wing Niqash Ahmed said that first and foremost for us is the freedom of Pakistan and its people. Imran Khan has given a new thought and dimension to the people that we are an independent nation, we will make our own decisions and will not take dictation of any other country. The people encouraged our leader, which is reflected in every meeting. That is why the imported mob is worried that Pakistanis from all over the world have risen up in support of Imran Khan.

We stand by our leader Imran Khan and will soon save the people from this corrupt gang.
President South East Aslam Dogar said that youth are an asset of any nation and we are happy that youth are becoming part of the moving day by day.

Dogar ended the speech with the PTI’s famous slogan “We stood, we stand and we will stand with Imran Khan.”
Expressing his views, Imran Rana said that we are self-respect and an independent nation. We want to convince the international community that we are not beggars, we want equality on all terms in life but not slavery as it is not in our nature.

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