Analysis of ‘’Tajikistan’s Humanitarian Assistance to Pakistan’’

Written by: Ms. Maryam Raza Deputy Director, Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future (PRCCSF), Islamabad.
Pakistan has been facing a crucial time due to excessive floods, and heavy rains, resulting in humanitarian catastrophe. No such environmental and humanitarian crisis has occurred before and this has been considered the decade’s major climate event. As 70% of Pakistan’s (districts) are underwater because of a climate disaster. In this difficult time, many countries have stepped forward and provided Pakistan with humanitarian assistance and financial aid to overcome this crisis.

In this regard, the significant role of Tajikistan cannot be overlooked. The visionary leadership under President Emomali Rahmon has played a dynamic role in providing Pakistan with aid consisting of 500 tons of flour, 500 tons of drinking water, 1,000 tons of coal, 1,000 tons of cement, and 20,000 pieces of slate, worth 12 million 200 thousand Somoni ($1.2 million). More than 100 big trucks are expected to reach at Torkham border to deliver aid to Pakistan. This huge humanitarian assistance by our Tajik brothers will indeed help to provide immediate relief in flood-torn districts.

This timely assistance has given a new impetus to the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and Tajikistan. Both states have been enjoying cordial relations at the regional and international levels. I believe that the allocation of special relief aid to Pakistan by Excellency President Rahmon is a great gesture of brotherhood and friendship.

Tajikistan has been playing a dynamic role in interregional cooperation. The open foreign policy structure and enhanced regional footprints have paved the way for Tajikistan to acquire a greater place in the comity of nations.  The successful conduct of statecraft and effective policies by President Emomali have made him the most popular leader in the region. His diversified yet unique characteristics of leadership have enabled the country to attain a respectable place in the political realm. Pakistan highly appreciates Tajikistan’s support in this hard time. Undoubtedly, this cooperation will provide many prosperous initiatives for future cooperation and joint ventures between Pakistan and Tajikistan.

‘’Long Live Pak-Tajik Friendship and Brotherhood’’

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