Find us on Snapchat: Telling the stories of how the Kingdom’s favorite platform is keeping people connected

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : For over a decade, Snapchat has been the centerpiece of visual communication in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with users opening the app more than 50 times per day on average. And now, for the first time ever, Snap Inc. is telling the powerful stories of the Kingdom’s community with the launch of Telgana Ala Snap; a film created with the culture of Saudi Arabia at the heart of it. Shining a spotlight on the people who call themselves Snapchatters, the film celebrates the Saudi audience and uncovers why the platform has formed such a special part of locals’ lives.

From pioneering storytelling between friends with the Story feature, to showing how to make life’s moments, big or small, more fun and expressive with AR Lenses, Snapchat keeps the people of KSA connected and enhances relationships, from grandparents to grandchildren. The Telgana Ala Snap film represents these moments, telling the true story of how every Snapchatter interacts with the platform in their own unique way.

In Arabic, the film’s name ‘Telgana’ holds a deeper meaning beyond just finding or meeting someone. It is an invitation to see the real deal, the daily raw and the true version of themselves – and if there is one platform that knows the real Saudi people – it’s Snapchat. In fact, Saudis are on average 2.2x more likely to use Snapchat to express who they really are compared to other apps.

The film takes a closer look at the innermost stories of the Kingdom, from a brother imitating his father through the old age lens, to a teenager tucked up in bed with his favourite Snapstar, Naif Hamdan, calmly telling one of his evening stories. As the number one platform of choice for staying connected in KSA, Telgana Ala Snap brings to life the essence of Snapchat, and how it creates a safe online space for all users.

Speaking on the role of Snapchat in enabling real connections across KSA, Abdulla Alhammadi, Regional Business Lead for KSA market, Snap Inc. said, “The Saudi culture has long been uniquely communal, with our sense of identity and belonging coming from our tight knit communities. With the Kingdom experiencing rapid transformational societal and cultural change, the simple need to stay connected with family and friends is more important now than ever, and Snapchat provides a place to do just that. Having been ingrained in local’s lives for more than a decade, Snapchat is where you’ll find the KSA community from all ages coming together online every day.

At a time when people feel pressured to have the perfect grid, hop on trends or to broadcast an edited version of themselves, we provide a safe and private alternative. Our new film echoes this, opening up the magic that happens on Snapchat to the world.”. Snapchat also provides a stepping stone for those looking to expand their businesses in The Kingdom. With creators finding a home to be their authentic selves and businesses, regardless of size, build trust and influence with the right people.

As a key thread in the social fabric of Saudi’s daily lives, the platform has a monthly addressable reach of +22 million, reaching more than 90% of 13- to 34-year-olds. If something is unfolding in the Kingdom- chances are, it’s on Snapchat, where deep, trusted and powerful relationships thrive.


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