Taking Policing and Law Enforcement to the Next Level.

By Ch. Muhammad Natiq Ubaid Defense and Strategic Affairs Analyst, Chief Editor Editorial and Commentary TN Media News:

Karachi Police and Training School and its Principal Inspector Zia Ullah Khan are working hard to secure the future of this city, province and country by teaching and training our Police Officers for the best. On Friday 27th January 2023* KPTS arranged a training session on the following subject, details are as follows:
“Investigation of Narcotics Crimes” Training activity Report of Police School of Investigations, Garden Headquarters Karachi.
Respected DIGP Admin / ADIGP Establishment, KPO Karachi. In continuation to the “Investigation of Narcotics Crimes Training Program,” another slot of 45 officers/officials of the Investigation/operation branch of Karachi range have participated the Training session.
This capacity-building Training Program will enable the Police Officers/officials to register FIRs according to new amended CNS Act-2022 with the correct & proper sections of the law as described in the newly amended CNS Act 2022.
A total number of 560 Officers/officials of the Investigation / Operation branch got the advantage of this Training in 20 different slots.
The panel consisted of Barrister. Aashir Masood Mahar, Mr. Aroon Prasad, Ms. Shanti Devi, (Advocates High Court of Sindh Karachi), Insp. Zaheer Uddin and I Insp. Ziaullah I/C PSIG HQ: Karachi.
The learning Takeaways were,
Understanding CNS Act, Ammended-2022.
Practical Exercise of registration of FIR as per the newly amended CNS Act 2022.
Understanding different categories & types of Psychotropic Substances.
Punishments & fines for Prohibited drugs & Psychotropic substances prescribed in the amended CNS Act-2022.
Investigation Flaws in the light of court references, Prosecutor General References and flaws observed by the Investigation team formed by DIGP Admin Karachi Range.