Sindh High Court rejects interim bail of accused Qadianis.

Trial Court asked to decide the case and to inform High Court of the outcome of the hearings.

by: TN Media News
KARACHI: The Sindh High Court made a historic decision by rejecting the interim bail against Qadianis (a religious slur used to refer to Ahmadi Muslims, primarily in Pakistan) and issued an order to the Trial Court to decide the case at the earliest and asked the accused to get the bail from the Trial Court.
According to a statement issued from Ahle Sunnat Legal desk, in case No. 913/22 Preedy Street, stated that a case registered against the Qadianis, on Wednesday 18 January 2023, in the court of Judge Saleem Jaysar, the bail application of the accused Sabahat Ahmad son of Basharat Ahmed was heard on behalf of Qadianis’ lawyer Ali Ahmed Tariq. In which the distinguished judge gave full opportunity to the Qadianis to present their position.

During the hearing, the Qadianis resorted to lying and told the judge that the plaintiff Abdul Qadir Patel Ashrafi and 70/80 people with him are harassing them in the Session Court, which is threatening our lives.

In response, Manzoor Ahmad Rajput, the counsel for the plaintiff, presented to the court, the background of the mentioning of Masjid Zarar in Surah Toba of the Holy Qur’an and the commentary on verse No. 108. Continuing with the arguments, he also referred to a Supreme Court verdict and presented the photographs of the existing place of worship to the court. Furthermore, the lawyer of the plaintiff told the court that the accused are appearing in the Trial Court without any fear and that all these allegations of Qadianis are based on lies.

The distinguished judge made it clear to the Qadianis that if every criminal excuses himself from coming to court with such pretexts, then who will face the cases? The court asked to issue a decision later at the end of the hearing.

On Friday, 27th January 2023, in the next hearing, High Court Judge Muhammad Salim Jaysar dismissed the bail application from the High Court and ordered that we cannot provide additional support to any accused, and in the judgment, the judge also clarified that the Trial Court has to bring the case to its logical conclusion as soon as possible while ordering the accused to get his bail from the same Trial Court and face the trial as the bail application cannot be filed in the High Court.

Further, the High Court also made it mandatory for the Trial Court to keep the High Court informed and report the outcome of every subsequent hearing of the sessions through Session Court to the concerned High Court and the Registrar MIT 2 so as to avoid delay tactics in the trial.



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