SSDP enters fourth week of its community service – Overseas initiative.

By Syed Mussarat Khalil.
Jeddah-Dr. Mansour Memon chairman of Sindh Skills Development Program (SSDP) said the SSDP relief operation with the gracious support of all well-wishers entered the fourth week. He narrated, that the magnitude of suffering is beyond words, the floods in Pakistan have affected more than a 33million people – stranded, and without or minimal help. The adversity is multifaceted.

During this challenging time, SSDP (Sindh Skills Development Program) with a gracious contribution of Patriotic Overseas Pakistanis has developed a rapid response strategy such as establishing Medical Camps, Ration distribution, providing tents and other miscellaneous services with volunteers on the ground. SSDP is a registered civil society organization and has all credentials with annual audits, FBR and other government agencies’ approvals.

SSDP initiated its activities in 2015 with a focus on Investment in Manpower and developing youth skills, hence providing opportunities and preparedness to compete for the international job market. Also focused on Education and Health Sector. In education, established a role model school in Manjhand and Health Education in self-hygiene and prevention against hepatitis and alike.

Dr Mansour Memon-an eminent Philanthropist and social icon of overseas Pakistanis is a present chairman of SSDP and has narrated: CHARITY IS NOT ONLY MONEY-Self less commitment to serve the distressed is the order of the day and most loved virtue. Highlighting community services of SSDP. Dr Memon, Chairman of SSDP said in the FOURTH week following is done so far:
Summary Flood Relief activities (Aug 23rd till 17th September)

No.      Activity                        Number of Families            Amount
1          Cash Distribution        100                                     3000 x 100 families
2          Ration bags                 6000 plus                         each bag worth 4500 x 6000
3          Medical Camps           12 Villages                        5000 plus patient approx. 1200000
4          Tents   2 villages         100x 18000                      each tent
           Total spent                    27.000,000 PKR            twenty-seven million

It is an ongoing AND CONTINUOUS: Areas focused on are: Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Dadu, Sanghar, Larkana, Khairpur, Kohistan areas, and several other villages Recently SSDP has increased its focus on health care and there are continuous medical camps (16 health camps so far)in various villages thousands of patients benefitted from these camps (consultation and provision of free medicines along with health education is the cornerstone).

The Medical Activities are supervised by Dr Khalil Khoumbati and Madame Farida Phanwar both are senior executives in their profession and are in SSDP BoD. The dedicated and community-oriented physician, Dr Fehmida Gul. Dr Naeem and DR Inayat Memon are highly acknowledged.

Ali Hyder Bhutto in consultation with CEO SSDP Ghulam Qadir Mallah is leading from the front in all the activities. The Ration Distribution is continuous and provided to thousands of displaced families residing in various camps and even reached out to those who could not relocate and are still in their original locations

SSDP comprises dedicated, committed personalities with a vision – Volunteerism is the voice of the people put into action.  These actions shape and mould the present into a future of which we can all be proud and SSDP BoD believes that the best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others:
The SSDP Board of Directors comprises:
Dr Mansour Memon.                 Chairman SSDP
Dr. Farhat Naureen Memon.   Vice Chairperson, SSD
Mr.Ghulam Qadir Mallah.        CEO/Secretary SSDP
Mr. Ali Hassan Bhutto               Member
Dr. Khalil-ur-Rahman.              Khoumbati Member
Dr. Farida Yasmin Panhwar     Member
Dr. Amanullah Panhwar           Member
Mr. Inam Shaikh                        Member
Ms Arzoo Kanwal                      Member
Ali Hyder Bhutto                      Program Coordinator
And several volunteers –          silent soldiers

Dr Memon said we at SSDP thank you for your gracious support of overseas Pakistanis and your vision to serve the community in distress at this present calamity. May Allah grant us patience and endurance at the time of calamities? Ameen!

Dr Memon, Chairman of SSDP concluded with a humble plea,” to adopt a family and support/facilitate any individual or organization who at the ground are doing an awesome job and can continue humanitarian service with your assistance”. O believers give of what We have provided for you.

Charity is not only money, care and concern and healing suffering is the order of the day this is the message of SSDP (Voice to lead) SSDP Premise: Charity as a Loan to Allah (SWT) Request to Overseas Pakistanis:  Please adopt a family in your village and be as generous as you are capable of.

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