Meeting Held Between PITB and Deaf Reach Foundation.

A meeting was held between PITB and Deaf Reach Foundation to discuss the implementation of ICT initiatives to impart education to deaf students and benefit the deaf community across Punjab.
PITB ADG Muhammad Kashif Farooq and Deaf Reach Foundation Director Operations Family Educational Services Daniel Marc Lanthier particularly discussed incorporating the online content of ‘Pakistan Sign Language’ in the existing digital content repository of PITB.
PITB team member Mahnoor Shakeel presented a demo of the dummy content that would be incorporated into the existing K12 digital content developed by PITB. Deaf Reach Foundation Director Operations appreciated PITB’s support and discussed the way forward.
Faisal Yousaf Sajid Latif Muhammad Kashif Farooq Hasnain Iqbal Ammar Chaudhry