Why Imran Khan suddenly turned against America …??

by: Ch. Muhammad Natiq,
“This is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to Imran Khan’s followers believe in Imran Khan’s words more than reason, so they are blindly believing Imran’s words. ”

Now it is necessary to summarize why Imran Khan, who had been waiting for the call of US President Joe Biden for some time, suddenly became so strict.

The story begins in the early days of Imran Khan’s government when the whole world was under lock down due to Covid19 virus and Microsoft founder Bill Gates was distributing aid all over the world. Imran Khan appointed his old friend Mr. Arif Naqvi, the head of the Abraaj Group, as Special Representative of Pakistan’s Government, he assigned the responsibility of receiving and delivering aid from Bill Gates’ relief campaign to Pakistani institutions.

Arif Naqvi faces criminal charges in the US and is currently awaiting the outcome of his appeal against the decision by London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court to allow his extradition to the US. The Abraaj Group—based in Dubai—managed $14 billion for investors at its peak before its collapse in 2018.

Two of Abraaj’s senior managing partners, Egyptian-born Mustafa Abdel Wadood and Sri-Lankan born Sev Vettivetpillai, admitted guilt to most of the US criminal charges after striking deals with American prosecutors in September 2021. Naqvi is accused of 16 counts of fraud and related money laundering said to have been committed between 2014 and 2018.

Naqvi was sentenced in absentia to three years in prison by a court in the United Arab Emirates for a case involving low-cost carrier Air Arabia PJSC. The Dubai government fined Abraaj a record $315 million for deceiving investors and misappropriating their funds in July 2019. In January 2022, the Dubai Financial Services Authority slapped a fine of $135.6 million on Naqvi and banned him from Dubai’s financial center for his role in the private equity firm’s 2019 collapse. Naqvi “personally proposed, orchestrated, authorised, and executed actions that directly or indirectly misled and deceived the investors,” Dubai’s authority said.

Naqvi has been in UK police custody since April 2019 when he was arrested at Heathrow Airport for allegedly defrauding investors. He was denied bail by a London judge on 29 April 2019 after prosecutors said he may flee to Pakistan rather than face US fraud charges. When Naqvi was arrested, he had four passports. He wrote down seven phone numbers for the police. One was Imran Khan’s. Judge Emma Arbuthnot, who denied bail, observed that the phone number was “a sign he had friends in high places in Pakistan. If he were to be granted bail, I’d be extremely concerned he would leave the country.” It might be very embarrassing for Imran Khan if the court trial in the US reveals a link between the embezzled money and the monies Naqvi allegedly sent to Khan and his party, the PTI.

Imran Khan and Arif Naqvi’s Relation.
A news report published on 8 January 2022 stated, “through the State Bank of Pakistan accounts, according to records, Arif Naqvi remitted over US$ 140 million into Pakistan.” Khan’s PTI submitted an affidavit of Naqvi to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on 15 March 2022, as evidence to prove the funding was genuine. In the affidavit submitted before the ECP, Naqvi confirmed that he had raised over $2 million for PTI’s political campaigns. According to The News International, Naqvi stated in the affidavit: “I have collected the funds amounting to the US $2,121,500 in the account titled Wooton Cricket Limited (WCL) and transferred to the PTI account in Pakistan for the period 2012 to 2013. The Wootton Cricket Limited (WCL) Company was 100 per cent owned by me in my personal capacity and was not a multinational and neither the contributor of the funds and only acted as a convenient and traceable aggregator of funds as a conduit for the transfer of funds to Pakistan.”

However, Naqvi’s relationship with Imran Khan goes back to the 1990s. Was Imran Khan completely unaware of how Naqvi operated? Did he receive just $2million, or more?

It is interesting to note that PTI’s biggest foreign fundraiser Naqvi was once a blue-eyed boy of the Barack Obama administration that invested $150 million in Abraaj in June 2010. Naqvi invited Imran Khan to Dubai in November 2010 for a conference attended by many celebrities and government leaders including Obama administration official Judith McHale, who was then an undersecretary of the US State Department.

Subsequent events shed further light on Khan’s relationship with Naqvi. Bashir Memon, a former head of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, reportedly said that Imran Khan had told him that “Arif was a good friend who had funded his political campaigns.” This conversation reportedly took place after Bashir Memon tried to recover from Karachi Electric, controlled by Abraaj, the Rs 87 billion that it owed to Sui Southern Gas Company. Khan complained to Memon about the investigation of Karachi Electric. Responding to Khan’s allegation that Memon had ruined Karachi Electric, Memon asked: “Why am I responsible? It is important to highlight that Imran continued his relationship even after Abraaj and Arif Naqvi had been publicly accused of misusing funds at least since February 2018.” Arif even attended an official meeting presided over by Khan in October 2018.

A forensic investigation of Abraaj and Naqvi’s accounts about remittances into Pakistan could reveal more about his relationship with Imran and could prove seriously damaging to the PTI chief’s reputation if it turns out that he or his party were beneficiaries of more than just US$2 million, something that has already been admitted by Arif Naqvi.

Arif Naqvi and COVID 19 Funds Embezzlement
Arif Naqvi
scammed the Covid19 Fund, he transferred 35 million to a fake PTI account, taking special care of his old friend’s party.”

No tax was paid on the relief money as it was tax deductible. While the party fund was not mentioned in the details.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has launched an investigation into the alleged embezzlement, Arif Naqvi was house arrested in his UK’s residence. During the interrogation, Arif Naqvi provided evidence to the FBI about the illegal transfer of money and the involvement of the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

Since the United States was withdrawing troops from Afghanistan at the time, which required the help of the Pakistani government, the case was temporarily suspended and the withdrawal of US troops was completed.

Since the American President was aware of the fact that the Prime Minister of Pakistan was also involved in this, he did not make any contact with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, to which the Prime Minister of Pakistan seemed to be complaining.

“After the evacuation was completed, US officials contacted the authorities and provided factual information as well as documentary evidence. According to sources, the Pakistani authorities assured the United States of their full cooperation and recognition of the forthcoming trial.” When Covid19 fundraiser Bill Gates was informed about this, he came to Pakistan on a one-day visit and asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to explain the irregularities of Covid19 fund in Pakistan and the accumulation of 35 million in the party fund and demanded recovery of money. Which was rejected by Imran Khan, and Arif Naqvi was re-interrogated in March 2022, and the case was taken to court by the FBI.

There is an extradition treaty between the United States and Pakistan, which could lead to a demand for the extradition of Imran Khan, an alleged accused in a money laundering case that began in the United States. Because Imran Khan and PTI have a full partnership, PTI ban in the US, confiscation of assets and Arif Naqvi along with Imran Khan could be sentenced to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, Pakistani institutions reopened the Foreign Funding case in Pakistan, in order to save Imran Khan from extradition to the United States by punishing him in this case.

When Imran Khan came to know about the situation, he planned to use public sentiment for his own benefit, and took the people to the streets by announcing an American conspiracy behind the departure of his government. The letter which was waved on 27th March was sent by the Pakistani ambassador on March 7. Imran Khan not only used the people for his nefarious political purposes, but also started chanting slogans against the institutions of the country. When it was noticed by the institutions that the public sentiments could become more violent, Imran Khan was threatened with arrest and extradition to the United States, after which Imran Khan suddenly took a U-turn according to his nature.

Declared detachment from harsh statements, hinted not to be against institutions and the United States. But at the same time, the public sentiment has intensified and Imran Khan’s withdrawal from this statement could lead to political death and loss of public support on the one hand, on the other hand, he could be arrested and imprisoned and PTI banned. May be. The Pakistani nation will see more such statements in the days to come in which Imran Khan will be seen admitting his crimes. ”

If the institutions were not neutral in this matter and Imran’s government was not overthrown, the whole world, including the UNO, would face financial sanctions which would result in Pakistan going bankrupt. The Pakistani people will hear more amazing revelations in the days to come.

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