“Imagine Institute of Future Studies Hosts “International Youth Day” Event at Iqra University North Campus.

by: Abdul Rahim Khan Ghouri Karachi:

The Imagine Institute of Future Studies organized an event on “International Youth Day” at the Iqra University North Campus. During the event, Dr. Shams Hamid, Dean of Social Sciences at Iqra University North Campus, emphasized, “When we nurture hope, young people shape the future.”

On this global day, young individuals, who are catalysts for positive change in society, gathered to collectively seek concrete solutions to Pakistan’s most pressing issues.

The event witnessed the participation of students pursuing courses in Future Studies, Ethics and Social Responsibilities, Philosophy, and Critical Thinking. These students not only raised awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but also presented impactful interventions in marginalized communities.

Assistant Professor Dr. Salman Ahmed Khatani of Iqra University North Campus stated that the IMAGINE Institute’s International Youth Day event made it evident that youth are voicing their concerns and collaborating with like-minded fellow students on significant social matters, providing a platform for practical solutions.

During the event, students showcased their poetry, singing, and musical talents. Under the guidance of Lecturer Sobia Anwar, they also presented a thought-provoking drama that highlighted the role of art as a vital means for societal transformation.

At the conclusion of the event, all students were encouraged and uplifted, fostering a sense of empowerment and motivation.”


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