Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Workers Convention for True Freedom in Haveli Lakha.

By: Muhammad Ahmad Sajid Haveli lakha.
PTI mansion was organized that was holding the Convention in contract workers to a large number of participants of the workers are full of love for solidarity with Pakistan workers for genuine freedom.
We are with Khan has become Pakistan International leaders address will remain with the convention of the party, said PTI member Advisory Council of Punjab Shakeel Khan Niazi for the nation’s consciousness no longer use them like sheep can be said that employees thousands of Sahiwal Pakistan will participate in the march of freedom.
he said that is not a group, but we are workers of PTI and Imran Khan in Islamabad we can not stop Mai Lal said that Imran Khan has said that workers will be consulted in the distribution of tickets in the future. Malk Waqar noul thanks all the workers and leaders.

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