A Great Speech to Great People by a Great General

By Ch. Muhammad Natiq.
Chief of Army Staff addresses ceremony of martyrs and Ghazis in GHQ precious Family members of our motherland martyrs, ghazis, general officers, officers, recipients of SI (M) and my brave soldiers, Asalam o Alaikum!
Today we are here again to acknowledge the sacrifices of our brave soldiers who were sacrificed for the motherland. We are here to pay tribute to them. This is Pakistan which is safe today. This has been made possible by the blood sacrifice of these officers, JCs and soldiers. I always say that our real heroes are our martyrs, they are our Ghazis and the nations that forget their martyrs and heroes are the nations that are erased.
A martyr’s name shines as long as the world lasts. He earned his name in this world and in the hereafter. He is forgiven. It is said in Quran “A martyr is forgiven before a drop of his blood spilt, his deed not only make him forgiven but also became a reason for his family members to be forgiven.
No nation, no country can compensate for the sacrifice of its martyrs. No material power, wealth, or money can be a substitute for this blessing. We have a responsibility to take care of the heirs of the martyrs, take care of their families, take care of their widows, take care of their parents, to take care of their children.
Inshallah, we will do that. But I believe that no care and no privilege can be a substitute for martyrdom. For a father, for a mother, as long as they live in this world and as long as they do not leave this world, their child will surely come before their eyes every day, and they will remember him every day. A widow whose husband has passed away and children who have lost their father’s affection will surely miss him and there can be no substitute for him.
But I say that this country is alive because of your sacrifices and I salute you that because of your sacrifices Pakistan is safe today. It is the army from dawn to dusk, at every inch of this country whether it is a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake or a tsunami you will find this Army helping its people everywhere. In the event of an accident, the army reaches without any publicity helping the people.
Cholera has spread in many places in Balochistan nowadays. There is a shortage of water and the army has reached there and is serving the people without me telling them to do it. They are providing clean water to the people and we feel proud of this deed of our and this service we are offering to our people. I assure the heirs of my martyrs that insha’Allah you will never be disappointed.
The world tells me that this is the only army that has eradicated terrorism. they ask about how we have achieved this, and why the rest of the country failed. So what is the trait Pakistan have which became the reason for such success? So I always say that we have mothers who have their sons, our sisters who have their husbands and children who are ready to sacrifice their fathers in this country and as long as there are such mothers and sisters of ours. So I have no doubt that no harm can come to Pakistan.