Analysis on the recent meeting between President of Azerbaijan, His Excellency Ilham Aliyev with President of the European Commission

by: Khalid Taimur Akram, Director, Foreign Affairs TN Media News.
On 18 July 2022, a meeting was held between Azerbaijan’s President and the President of the European Commission. The two Presidents signed a “Memorandum of Understanding on a Strategic Partnership in the field of energy”. This commitment doubles the capacity of gas at least 20 million cubic meters of gas for the EU annually by 2027. I believe the meeting is the most significant for their future investments and bilateral ties, generating progressive development goals and stable connections for energy transmission. EU is the major trading partner of Azerbaijan and a series of upcoming projects will enhance trade cooperation among partner countries.

Both partners progressively work in a variety of sectors, including economic diversification, investment, trade, and integrated civil society. The undertaken initiative will bring economic stability and sustainable growth to Azerbaijan.

I highly appreciate cordial emerging ties between the EU and Azerbaijan. This will accelerate the economy of the South Caucasus region by extending cooperation in different sectors. Moreover, friendly ties between Azerbaijan and the European Union will set opportunities for regional development.

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