State at risk, not the Government

By: Engr. Rashid Minhas 
For a nation, there is no shortcut to earning prosperity rather it demands a common narrative, uninterrupted governance, stability of institutions, and skilled, honest & devoted leadership. As a nation we are already far behind even from the South Asian countries in terms of development, economic growth, ideology buildup & community harmony. Our federation has been kept hunted by 5th generation warfare whose goal is not to passivate the defence system or alter the geographical boundaries but to weaken the economy of the targeted countries through multiple technologies and systems and to undermine the national identity.

Unfortunately, our leaders could not handle the situation well. Everyone crossed his allocated working mandate putting prosperity on hold while prioritizing and caring own interests. Today our biggest problem is not corruption but instability, interruption, and AD Hocism. The spirit of democracy is put behind the wall and is replaced by autocracy and hybrid regimes.

I must say, the current political crisis is also the result of our chronic institutional disease. Since Imran Khan himself is a product of a hybrid regime, “unfamiliar” with democratic norms, has come to the power with the assistance of selectors by keeping the political code of conduct at bay. He should remember the day when the BAP party was established to help dissolve the then PMLN Balochistan government. At the same time, TLP in Punjab had shaken the vote of the Muslim League which was formed purely on religious grounds. Similarly, raising the slogan of Southern Punjab through egocentric politicians like Khusro Bakhtiar was to dilute PMLN again and to nourish “favourite” Imran Khan. PMLN candidates were threatened before the 2018 elections, fake cases were formed and some of the potentially winning candidates were imprisoned.

At the time, when such ill-famed steps were being taken, Imran Khan used to call it “the voice of conscience”, inflated PTI balloon through immoral induction of selfish candidates, trained his supporters on the basis of emotions, and reprised populist rhetorics. After almost, spending four years in government and poor deliverance, the same inducted politicians are leaving to secure their future by associating with other parties, Imran Khan has started criticizing them. Raja Riaz who was the pioneer of truth is named the unscrupulous politician. Imran’s slogan of corruption is also proven hollow as not even a single corruption case on a prolific opponent could be ended up bringing back the looted money.

Now, it is high time for the prime minister to set aside his ego, and to move for General Elections across the country by relinquishing his powers. Other than that, there is no solution that can save our state from further deterioration.

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