what do you know ?

by TN Media News.
What is the severity of torture cells?
Do you know what happens when you pull your fingernails?
What will those who fainted at the sight of this moving drill, whose right leg bone was first pierced across with a thin worm, then the size of the worm increase to the extent that the leg itself was separated? But the name of his handler did not come to his tongue!! He could not know a word about his mission. Go and see from Delhi’s Tihar Jail Ward C, D, E, F to Kabul’s Pul Charkhi and Ghazni Jail.

There are twenty stories of the sons of Pakistan which, if they come to the public, I firmly say that the tears of this nation will not stop. The walls of the barracks of these prisons are a witness that these sons of the country won and the enemy lost. These mountains of perseverance were not insignificant.

He was the son of Abdullah bin Hudzafa in steadfastness, he did not bend. Yasir and Samia proved to be loyal and intolerant, saying no. Today, if I put a pencil between two fingers of a Facebook user and start pressing them, he will start abusing his leader within thirty seconds. They are devoid of emotions, devoid of enthusiasm. What do those who are afraid in their own rooms in the dark of night know what fear is??

A fear that does not involve wild animals or ghosts. The threat of bullets, grenades, RPGs, and mines doesn’t matter! Rather, it happens that the tongue does not slip, and a word does not come out that makes him a traitor to Mujahid.

Do they know that agents of agencies around the world carry poison with them? But these lions of Allah prefer severe torture to an easy and easy death.
The fire started with a pistol on the hand of this male mujahid in the bridge wheel. After each question, holes were drilled three inches from his hand to his shoulder, but he remained adamant! until the last breath.

Because of them, when you speak against them in a quiet room, God wants you to be hanged in the square. Those who take away their remains to keep you. They are what you are If it is not, then it is not your mark.

They are the guardians of your ideological and geographical borders. Sometimes it is in the form of Charsi and sometimes it is in the form of a businessman. Sometimes it will be in the form of a student, sometimes it will sit in a high position in an institution and be responsible for your safety.