Pakistani Executives Forum 3rd Anniversary Celebration held in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Pakistani Executives Forum 3rd Anniversary Celebration held in Riyadh Saudi Arabia Group Photo.

By: Rashid Mahmood.
The third anniversary of the Pakistani Executives Forum shortly known as PEF has been celebrated during its annual general meeting held in Riyadh, the meeting was presided by Munir Ahmed Shad, the Forum’s President. Hafiz Qaiser convened the meeting and members of PEF’s core committee and renowned businessmen among the Pakistani community participated in the event.

The committee reviewed the achievements and goals for the preceding year and set forth the objectives for the new fiscal year. It was concluded to explore new horizons of bilateral trade between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and to set strong working relationships to promote business opportunities between the two countries to strengthen and contribute to the national economies.

The office-bearers of PEF including the Forum’s President Munir Ahmed Shad, General Secretary Hafiz Qaiser and Finance Secretary Rashid Mehmood addressed the participants and enlightened the objectives, KPI’s and targets of PEF and elaborated on the success stories of the PEF in the past three years.

While talking to the media, it was highlighted that PEF was formed three years back by its founding members Munir A Shad, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Imran, Ishtiaq Hashmi and Rashid Mehmood, the purpose of forming this organization was to get Pakistani professionals to have a good nose for business to a common platform where they can explore the new business opportunities and discuss openly all the obstacle they are facing ensuring that everyone can wear his heart to his sleeve.

During the last three years, the PEF has grown up tremendously and crossed 1500 members though out the globe, and members are on the ball to share the opportunities and extend support to each other irrespective of the regions they have the existence.

A little while later the formation of PEF, international business suffered from COVID 19 and it created a bad hair day for businessmen when the deteriorating economic situation put their existence at risk and all of sudden the businessmen were boxed in to see the success as hot potato, in such situation PEF played a vital role to get the ducks in a row to get rid of the adverse impact on business through creating collaborating channels and new doors for business in crises.

PEF has launched several training workshops since its inception and new business organizations were formed to help the business community, PEF Global (Pvt) Ltd was the first among organizations that have been formed so far, the purpose was to engage the Pakistani businessmen in the middle east market to promote “Made in Pakistan”, PEF Aviation (Pvt) Ltd to facilitate the importers and exporters to access the new markets at lower carriage rates, PEF Bazar was formed and based in UAE to promote “Made in Pakistan” into UAE market and to make it a centre point for MENA region for Pakistani businessmen, PEF Rozgar was a platform made to facilitate the Pakistani qualified professionals to explore the new job markets, another milestone was PEF Consulting (Pvt) Ltd based in UAE with the objective to provide one window services to form new companies in the middle east and providing management and legal consulting services to Pakistani businessmen.

The members of PEF led the organization by example, hence Rashid Mehmood the founding member and Finance Secretary of PEF successfully completed his SME industrial unit under the name & style of M/s Bin Rashid Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd in Islamabad under the banner of PEF and another valuable member Yousaf Ali has established his trading organization under the name & Style of M/s Tradeop Global (Pvt) Ltd and contributed to the Pakistani national economy through sustainable investment.

PEF core committee members and the business community presented at the event highly appreciated the success stories and determination of PEF members towards the development and sustainability of “Made in Pakistan” in the region.
Lastly, the anniversary was celebrated followed by dinner.

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