Chaudhry Bashir hosts dinner in honor of newly elected body of Arain International.

Forward with the same spirit and continue to bring glory to the country and the nation’

by: TN Media News:
RIYADH:  President of Arain International Saudi Arabia Chaudhry Bashir Ahmed Arain hosted a dinner in honor of newly-elected President of Arain International Riyadh Region Mian Sajid, General Secretary Waseem Sajid, Organizing Committee and members.
Top members of the Aryan community attended the ceremony held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and congratulated the newly elected members.
Welcoming all the guests, Chaudhry Bashir, President, and Waqar Naseem Wamiq, General Secretary of Arain International Saudi Arabia, said that the Arain community in Saudi Arabia is in the spirit of service to humanity.
The newly elected members of the organization should move forward with the same spirit and continue to bring glory to the country and the nation.
On this occasion, the newly elected President of Riyadh Region Mian Sajid Mushtaq reiterated his commitment to serve the community, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and said that along with solving the problems faced by the community, our focus is to promote better relations between the two countries. Along with social relations, business relations will also be made more stable.
Important suggestions related to organizational issues were also presented by the organizing committee and other members. Mujahid Nadeem Rame, Chaudhry Mushtaq Aziz, Munir Ahmad Shad, Dr. Waqar, Mian Kashif, Waqar Azim, Abdul Sattar Arain, Mian Nader, Imran Younis, Mian Hammad Bashir and other members participated in the ceremony.