Cyber Security Salary in 2023: Check Jobs and Payscale.

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It is a known fact that many cybersecurity roles pay more than other tech jobs. Cyber Security salary differs from position to role. Cybersecurity is a boosting industry and with the growth seen in this domain, skilled professionals are required to fill in for entry-level, mid-level, and advanced-level jobs. Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand and will rise further by 18% in the coming five years.

If you want a career in cybersecurity and to make your mark, you need to arm yourself with specific certifications, information, and an awareness of the field’s context. In this post, you can take a quick look at the cybersecurity job market, necessary qualifications, and cybersecurity wage. Also, get prepared and earn yourself a Cyber Security course certification.

What is Cyber Security?
The technique of protecting networks, servers, mobile devices, computers, electronic systems, and data from hostile intrusions is known as cyber security. Therefore, it is often referred to as electronic information security or information technology security. The phrase can be broken down into a few basic categories and is used in various applications, including business and mobile computing. This includes network security, application security, information security, etc.

Who is a Cyber Security Expert?
A cyber security expert is a specialist who ensures that online accounts and electronic gadgets, such as computers and mobiles, are not illegally accessed or hacked by intruders. There are several things that a cyber security analyst has to do. First, let us know the roles and responsibilities of a cybersecurity analyst:

  1. They are responsible for in-depth analysis of the hardware and software such as laptops, PCs, Pendrive, hard drives, websites, servers, etc.
  2. They identify any possible bug or virus that can cause danger to the data.
  3. They run various data protection software and applications to eliminate bugs and protect the system from identifying the issue. This software also safeguards devices and servers from future threats.
  4. If there is any violation, they help the user to report it.
  5. They analyze the system and your needs and suggest relevant security systems to help protect your data for the future.
  6. They conduct periodic audits or system checks to keep track of the security software and if there is any breach.
  7. Furthermore, they also inform the user about any software or system updates you need.
  8. The cyber security analyst must ensure that the user is well informed about the security system of the software and devices and any recent developments that may have occurred.

Cyber Security Salary in 2023:
There are several posts in the field of cyber security namely network security engineer, cyber security analyst, security engineer, cyber security manager, etc. The salary and position can be determined depending on the number of years of experience you have. For example, an cyber security salary for fresher can be between $ 6,125 to $ 7,350.

What is the Average Salary of Cyber Security?
Salary Per Hour While understanding cyber security salary per hour for an entry-level, it is also important to understand the type of work, such as part-time, full-time, or freelancing, skills, certificates, etc., the cyber security analyst has. The average amount is estimated to be around $ 5 per hour. Doing an additional Ethical Hacking course can give you an upper hand.

Salary Per Month: In India, an entry-level associate’s monthly cyber security salary can be between $ 430 to $ 490 per month.
Annual Salary: The entry-level cyber security salary can be between $ 6,125 to $ 7,350 annually.
Salary Based on Different Factors: Here are the main factors that affect cyber security salary:

Cyber Security Salary Based on Experience/Role
When it comes to working as a cyber security analyst, experience matters a lot. Most companies often see what experience you have before finalizing your salary. Let us look at the range for senior cyber security salary 2023 according to their level of expertise:

1. Entry-Level Cyber Security Salary:
A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a similar discipline is often required for a security analyst position, making it an entry-level position in the cybersecurity industry. The average entry-level cyber security salary is USD 4713.42 per annum.

2. Mid-Level Cyber Security Salary
Security systems are designed by mid-level cybersecurity professionals. In addition, they investigate, audit, and evaluate the systems in question to identify problems and provide fixes. The annual salary for a mid-level cyber security employee is USD 6530.64 per annum.

3. Experienced Cyber Security Salary
A cyber security engineer’s job is to create and deploy safe network solutions that can withstand attacks from hackers and other online dangers. The typical salary for experienced cyber security in 2023 can be around USD 19725.72.

Cyber Security Salary Based on Employer/Company
Below is the list of companies and their average salary per annum for a person working in cyber security:
Cyber Security Salary: Based on Skill-set:
Cybersecurity average annual salary for different employees is as follows:

India USD 7245.53 annually
US USD 115377.63 annually
UK USD 7441554.02 annually
UAE USD 72420.85 annually
Australia USD 121437.38 annually
Canada USD 91172.16 annually
Singapore USD 70966.44 annually
Philippines USD 59138.70 annually
  • A security analyst earns around USD 5982.03 per year.
  • Security engineers can earn up to USD 8339.22 per year.
  • The security architect can earn up to USD 25978.35 annually.
  • USD 6334.85 is the average annual salary for a security administrator.

Cyber Security Salary Based on Certifications: Here are a few Cyber Security certification courses that can help you get a higher pay scale:

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): $ 116,573 avg salary
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): $91,609 avg salary
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA): $ 52,500 to $ 122,300 avg salary
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control: $ 132,266 avg salary

Cyber Security Salary Based on Location
Different countries offer a wide range of salaries to cyber security analysts. Here is an average expected salary:

Why are Cyber Security Professionals Paid So Much?
Experts in the field of cyber security are receiving higher packages than other techs. This is because of their skills in protecting important data. If the data of any company gets leaked into the market, it can be sold off in the black market or used to harass the company and the company employees.

As a result, legal issues and the company’s crash are constantly threatened. Many companies also store their clients’ sensitive information, such as their bank account details. If such data is leaked, it can rob hundreds and thousands of people. Thus, ensuring that the data is not leaked, hacked, or pirated is important.

This is one of the main reasons why companies only wish to hire the best analyst. Of course, most companies wouldn’t mind going above and beyond the average cyber security salary to hire a person with better skills. But ultimately, if their data and systems aren’t safe, they will not be able to run a successful business.

Future of Cyber Security
A growing number of businesses seek to rule the world through the internet due to the increased usage of technology. Unlike the old times, where storage happened only on hard drives, these days, data is also stored on online storage systems such as drivers and clouds. In addition, more and more user-friendly applications and software techniques are being used to store information about the component and their clients.

Such a shift to the online market has increased the need for cyber security analysts. The future of being a cyber security analyst seems bright due to this change in the mark

The cyber security employees, however, will notice a couple of new trends and systems that will be prevalent in the market:
The majority of cyber security analysts will choose a work-from-home arrangement. This will be their preferred work method as they can manage it from their homes. There shall be a supply shortage of cyber security analysts, with more and more companies switching to online platforms. Thus, a work-from-home system can help them work with multiple companies or clients. There shall be a surge in new software that shall help detect any malware or virus in the devices. This shall give network and security engineers a brilliant opportunity.

Cyber security is an upcoming and popular field amongst tech enthusiasts. This is a promising field for the future. The cyber security income depends on various factors, while the initial package remains the same. If you plan to become a cyber security analyst, it is time to start investing in yourself. Begin by taking Knowledge Hut Cyber Security training today and add more accreditation to your name. You can also begin your career by freelancing, working with smaller clients, and gaining more experience and a fresh perspective in this field.


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