Karachi Police Training School – Garden East.

by Ch. Muhammad Natiq, Chief Editor – Editorial & Commentary TN Media News.
Karachi Police and Training School is situated at Garden East Dist Karachi and it’s a crown jewel, one of its kind in Pakistan. This Training School for Police Officers is doing an extraordinary job in its limited or rather I would say extremely limited resources to uplift the professionalism and modernise Policing of Karachi Police Officers. This School is headed by Inspector Zia Ullah Khan as Principal.

The soil of this country is very fertile and has shown its resolve in the world from time to time, similarly, Inspector Zia with international Policing experience and a visionary approach has single-handedly uplifted this facility. Let me tell you Inspector Zia used his own resources and money from his hard-earned salary to uplift this school.

He is arranging and organizing courses and seminars on modern policing and techniques to educate Karachi Police Officers and staff in order to modernize Policing to serve people better and more efficiently. Not only is he organizing courses and seminars on modern policing, he has also established a modern library, mock courts and investigation rooms to teach Police Officers and other Law Enforcement officials. Recently in KPTS, a training session was conducted on Accident & Incident Investigation, complete details are mentioned as under;
Training activity report of Police School of Investigations, Garden Headquarters Karachi.
A 02-Day Specialized Training Course on “Accident & Incident Investigation” was successfully conducted. The panel was of Ms. Saman Laiq Abbasi (CEO of Strategic Management Services), Mr. Tariq Moin (Ex. Dy. General Manager Emergency Response Planning (ERP) PIA), (Barrister Aashir Masood Mahar, (Advocate High Courts of Pakistan), Insp. Zaheer Uddin (Trainer PSIG Karachi) and I Insp. Ziaullah I/C PSIG Karachi.
The learning Takeaway was,
• Definition of Accident.
• Difference between Accident & Incident.
• What is Accident Investigation?
• Stages in an Accident Investigation.
• Accident Investigation Pyramid.
• Rules & Procedure for Road Traffic Accident (RTAI) Investigation.
• Significance of Crime Scene in (RTAI).
• Role of Traffic Police in (RTAI).
• Role of MVI in (RTAI).
• Legal Aspects & relevant laws pertaining to Accident & Incident.
• Sections 379/427 PPC, 337-G & 320-Q&D ordinance & 174 Cr.PC.
• The Provincial Motor Vehicles ordinance 1965.
• Fatal Accident Act-1976 etc. etc.
A total (31) Police officers from Karachi Range participated in this Training course. At the end Mr. Syed Tariq Mustafa PAS (Civil Service of Pakistan, Principal Secretary Commonwealth UK, Mr. Shamim Ahmed CEO, Osaka Pakistan (PSIG G.B Member) and Mr. Zeeshan Shafique Siddiqui (ADIGP/Estt: Karachi Range) distributed certificates among participants and shared their views with the audience.