Taher hosted a dinner in the honor of greats of EPCA cricketers.

by: Taher Karamat.
Mr. Taher hosted a dinner in the honour of greats of EPCA cricketers,  in his residence as meet up for the ex-Saudi EPCA players.

Dinner was attended by Mr safder. He was an ex-player of the AGE cricket club long period of time. Then he moved to Al Ghamdi C. C. and represented this club for 10 years. He was a player whom you can trust.

Mr. Riyaz Saeed. He represented the service cricket club of Lahore. Then he shifted to LCA. he played with greats like Imran Khan the great fast bowler and was captain of Pakistan cricket at that time. Sarfraz Nawaz is a great fast of Pakistan cricket.

Mr. Riyaz Saeed then shifted to Saudi Arabia and represented teams like AGE, Al Gahamdi, and Bilal’s tigers. He represented EPCA for regional tours and performed exceptionally well. Mr. Riyaz was a great wicketkeeper and kept under the bowling of great Imran Kahn and Sarfraz.

Mr. Shakeel Malik represented Punjab universities for several years. He moved to Saudi Arabia, played for several years in Jeddah and then moved to the Eastern region.

He represented EPCA and caption for EPCA for several years. A great batsman and off-spinner.
Mr. Zulfiqar Goga played from KANOO C. C. and was part of that dream Kanoo team that won the EPCA league consecutive three-time.

Mr. Rehan Qureshi. A great fast bowler, he joined ECPA and represent AGE cricket then move AL GAHMDI C. C. Played for 20 years. He was a member of the EPCA team and was part of that winning team.

These greats discuss their past memories and wish EPCA all the very best for the future.


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